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Topic: Hey look what I found...

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    Hey look what I found...


    It features extraordinary insight, although no score, to the great score Bernard Herrmann wrote for Sinbad - 7th Voyage.

    Enjoy it!


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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    Btw, there\'s a bunch of other stuff there too. Including some works by Goldsmith! Extremely interesting source of information. I can\'t believe I didn\'t find this before!


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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    Wow, Thanks TJ. One of BH`s best scores and one of my personal (nostalgic) favs. BTW have you read his Bio~Heart at the fires Center? I`m almost finished and its quite amazing. He`s the 1st Modern Film master as far as Im concerned..Rich

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    Re: Hey look what I found...


    and Australian site by the look of it

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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    Oh , THOMAS_J thank you very mcuh!!!

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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    Imagine sight reading those things. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    Hey Thomas,

    Great link! Many thanks.


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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    You\'re quite welcome. I just listened to Final Conflict (Omen III) while reading the notes. Quite interesting. It\'s much more complex than it sounds. The krull notes were interesting too. 8 horns and 6 trumpets.. geez [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Rich, nope I haven\'t read that!


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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    There is also an excellent video/documentary of B. Herrmann, partially based on the aforementioned book . Its part of the \"Music for the Movies\" series released by Sony.

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    Re: Hey look what I found...

    I found it at a local Virgin Records store, but I imagine that you could get it at Amazon, et. al. It describes alot of his personality \"issues\".

    Also includes Interviews with David Raksin, Elmer Bernstein, M. Scorcese and B. Herrmann, himself. Its a good companion piece to the book , which, I agree, is excellent.

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