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Topic: A film score piece........real instrument used! OMG!

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    A film score piece........real instrument used! OMG!

    I may have posted an unfinished version of this way back, or maybe I didn\'t. My memory is sucking right now, so here goes anyway. I said real instrument to possibly get your attention. HAHA! I got the inspiration to do this piece after seeing the movie S.W.A.T. recently, and based this whole mock up score around it. Imagine a tactical ops team busting people in downtown L.A. I had a buddy of mine collaborate with me, and he layed down a nice, but very abstract lead guitar solo. He likes to go against the harmony. Tobias might be surprised, but most of the drum section is G-Town. I did that on purpose. The bass is the bottom octave of a Wurlitzer vintage piano, and the chunk guitars are the Les Paul soundfont, converted of course. Anyways, any comments, suggestions, or whatever you want to say would be cool...and great.....and stuff. Thanks!


    Jared Hudson

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    Re: A film score piece........real instrument used! OMG!

    Hi Jared,

    I just stumbled across your thread this morning. I really enjoyed the piece - nice rhythms, contrasting textures and depths, it kept my interest, enough to go back and listen again a couple of times. I\'ve never heard G-Town rhythm sound like this, it rocks...

    When the first distorted guitar comes in, it\'s really in your face, a dramatic effect. Without the video and scene change to fit it, listening to it as audio only, I wonder what it would sound like dropped down by 4-5 dB and not taking all the attention??

    Anyway, I liked it. Got my energy going in the early morning.


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