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Topic: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

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    Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    As some of you know, I'm continuing to help Richard (sururick) with his game soundtrack.

    Here's another piece I created for the game Legend of Erthia.

    This is for the Sacred Isle. A spiritual forest location.

    For all these tracks I'm generally using the following
    Strings - Cinematic Strings 2
    Solo Cello - LASS Solo strings
    Brass - Cinebrass
    Woods - Albion Spitfire
    Choir - Requiem Light
    Percussion - True Strike
    Guitar - Omnisphere
    Flute - Mesawinds
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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Richard is very fortunate to have you on on his Erthia team, Graham. Beautiful work for the Sacred Isle theme. With you at the helm, your "Desktop Orchestra" is a music production force to be reckoned with!


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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    I really like this one Graham! Honored to have you composing for LOE! This really does indeed bring out the magic and spirituality of Sacred Isle!!! I hope you get a chance to play the game once it is complete to feel the full experience of the world!!!



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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Hey Randy and Richard,
    Thanks for chiming in on the thread. I love having an idea to compose to, that extra focus can produce surprising results I may not have otherwise explored.

    And Richard, I'm very much looking forward to playing the finished game. Try not to get sidetracked too much :-)
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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Hey Graham,

    Richard is so lucky to have you on his production team!!!

    Another superlative track here, just a perfect compliment for what you're writing it for. And I'm so jealous! You're such a prolific lad and you do it with just 2 hours a day at the helm. Amazing!! Truly!!

    This track demonstrated how apt you are at progressing in the orchestral score from a few single instruments to full orchestra and back. The entry of all the instruments were so smooth you didn't know it was happening until you reached the full orchestral tutti. The strings coupled with the choir on the louder sections were really well done and felt like I was in a movie hall watching an epic.

    I know I've asked you about the Cinematic Strings before but I have a few other questions as I get ready to update my 12-year-old libraries. Was the solo cello part of that string package? Is the ethnic flute part of the Albion Spitfire library. I think you used the same one in the Jungle Book and it has such a haunting tone.
    And finally, how do you like the Requiem Light version? I don't have a choir and I don't want to spend the bucks for the full version.

    Thanks in advance Graham for this info!!!


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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Another very nice piece Graham! I thought that the cinematic strings cello sounded great. The build in the music was represented well and the overall sound had a wonderful mellowing effect on me. Those libraries that you use sure are effective. Thanks a lot for posting. Jay

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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Thanks for the comments all - I needed to make a correction to the list, I wasn't being very thorough with the library list - I always forget about solo instruments!

    The solo cello is from LASS solo strings. There are no solo strings in Cinematic Strings 2 - it's all ensemble.

    The flute is a G flute from Mesawinds - a native american flute library.

    CASS - I like the resulting sound from the Requiem Light library, but I would say it's not as versatile as I'd like it to be. You get oohs, ahhs, basic phrase builder in staccato and marcato, and then you latin-esque words (about 9 of them) that you can keyswitch. Also get legato patches that are not polyphonic. All of these are useful, but I can certainly recognize these easily when I hear them in other works by people. I suppose there's little way around that anyway with samples.
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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    I did not have the time to listen and chime in before. My loss.
    Graham, your music is special for me, it brings back Ireland, the mist,the peat burning, the heart of the people.
    What else can one say when hearing music like this? Shut up and play it again, enjoy, wipe your eye...


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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Very nice writing job, Lad, and a thoroughly enjoyable listen!

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Legend of Erthia - The Sacred Isle

    Hello Graham! I have not been following the LR very closely lately, and I thought I remembered The Legend of Erthia being sururick's project, so I was surprised to see this topic by you. Glad to hear you two are collaborating on this, the music is sure to be great for the game!

    This is a nice atmospheric piece, but stands well on its own. The swell towards the end was wonderfully executed and did a great job bringing the forest to life!

    I greatly enjoyed the listen, thanks for sharing!
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