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Topic: The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

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    The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

    I am kind of new to the sampling field and I am looking to buy an orchestra set of samples, and there are so many of them out there, could some clear up this mess for me, like which was is the best for your money?
    I saw the EWQLSO Gold edition, and I was impressed with the features, sounds, and price. Has anyone here used it? Is it worth the 900$ price tag, then to later upgrade to the Platinum? I also saw VSL Pro edition, but it is way too much money, so if someone could please suggest a good set of orchestra samples for me I would appreciate it.


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    Re: The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

    \"best for your money\" is pretty subjective and doesn\'t indicate what your needs or usage will be. How new is \"new to sampling\".How significant is $1000. Gold was my choice.
    Do you have a decent computer,sequencing software,sound card, maybe a daw, maybe notation software?
    There are a lot of demos and even more info on this forum. If you have the time check out some previous threads give a look. No matter where you start buying, it probably wont be your last or final purchase.

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    Re: The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

    My impression is that if you want to do fast legato runs - especially on woodwinds - then the VSL products can\'t be beat. But you need a good reverb to put the instruments into their space.

    If you tend to go for a slower more expressive style, Gold may be the ticket. It lacks the VSL performance tool for legato, but it was engineered for a great sound with natural ambience. And the Platinum upgrade gives a viable future. I\'m not sure if there\'s a similar VSL Opus upgrade path.

    Mind you, I don\'t own products from either company. (Not from lack of desire!) My opinion is from the demos and what I\'ve read from the developers sites and the users here.

    The performance tool is pretty much a left-brain advantage. It\'s fairly quantifiable. The EWQLSO sound is a more right-brain thing. Listen to the demos to find out if the sound resonates with you.

    Best of luck with your decision. I\'ll take both, thank you :-)

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    Re: The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

    Hi! I try to tell you my + and - of VSL and QLSO:
    QLSO: Have Space, Great brass and percussions (VSL have brass that you will change as soon as you can for SAM...) String sound better to me - even if VSL have Legato tool.
    VSL: great woodwinds - but again - the obe sounds bit \"strange\" ,Brass - for me it is exactly what peoples call \"synthy\" Brass in Vsl isnt what you except from brass. But -of course VSL have LEGATO tool - which may be big + for someone...another question is if legato tool (which functon really nice!!) made from some samples that don´t sound so nice a good samples - I think not, but you have to choose..
    and to the end - You can order demo CDs of VSL where you find many GIG files you can try....

    Hi and choose carefully...

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    Re: The best Orchestra Sample Library! HELP!

    Does the Gold have any control whatsoever? Surely it must be at least layered samples for velocity control?

    I\'ve heard the Sonic Strings and they sound nice but even though they are layered they lacked attack sometimes when I needed it. Does this make sense?

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