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Topic: Question about Westgate wood. collection

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    Question about Westgate wood. collection

    Hi all,

    I think that some of yours are using the Westgate woodwinds collection (expanded edition). I\'d like to know if the samples are really \"closed\", and allow to create any ambience. (For exeample, the QLSO \'s closed mics position doesn\'t allow to create an intimate piece, not dry enough, because of the place where samples are recorded).
    More, I heard differents demos with the Wesgate collection, but only slow pieces. What about the realism and playability in a quick interpretation ?

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    Re: Question about Westgate wood. collection

    I\'m suprised more people didn\'t answer this one as I know a lot of people here use it. I like the library very much. I agree with the previous poster. They are dry enough so you can position them in whatever space you want.
    Even if I get Opus 1 I think this library is well worth having.
    And Tim is a great guy with good customer relations to boot.

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    Re: Question about Westgate wood. collection

    Hi Did.

    I find that WC is dry enough to make your own placement. To be honest I have been using it with the standard Giga reverb when I play around with it, because it is otherwise too dry for me to enjoy the sound.

    The best points are 1) nice tone, 2) nice articulations, 3) consistency across notes and instruments, 4) best woodwind value (before GPO and Silver - you get whole orchestras with those!), 5) excellent for slower melodies with nice expression.

    The worst points are 1) not chromatically sampled, 2) no legato solution.

    I find that the non-chromatic sampling to be secondary. It\'s not a big deal to my ears.

    Legato is a problem for most sampled woodwind libraries.

    Recently, I have been working on a woodwind fugue. I\'ve just been using Sibelius with the NV sustain articulations so far. (I\'ll play it live and work in the articulations when the composition is done.) It works very well at this stage - even with 8th notes at 160 bpm. But keep in mind that fugues are often played very discretely - the notes are not slurred. So, WC played fast works quite well for this style.

    Without prompting, my son commented that he loved the flute sound on this work in progress. It has accented velocities on the top note of each run - automatically done by Sibelius. Very nice, right out of the box (with Giga reverb).

    However, I have not had much luck in getting a Holst Mercury sound. In that style the winds gliss, dance and are playfully quick. The lack of a legato solution is a real limitation for this style. The other limitation is my own abilities and experience with fast woodwind performances. I\'m sure that a more talented MIDI artist could get results that would make me very jealous.

    * It\'s dry as a good white wine
    * It can do quick runs in a fugue style
    * It doesn\'t do quick slurred runs - at leat not with my limited skills.
    * Wonderfully expressive for slower melodies

    I hope this is helpful. If other WC owners have different opinions, I\'d love to hear them. I want to get the most out of this library.

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    Re: Question about Westgate wood. collection

    Thanks a lot Jon and Jamie for answering.
    It help me in my decision. I\'m going to purchase this collection.
    \" dry like a good white wine\" : I hope it\'s a Riesling, but not a Sauterne ! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about Westgate wood. collection

    Hi Did,

    I also have this library and like it a lot. Due to health problems I haven\'t been able for several weeks to work with them or even access them (my music stuff is in my office/studio room), otherwise I could have jumped in with some more details, or make some short examples.

    Personally I believe you have to mix them with other woodwinds, to have some more variations in style and sound. It will also help to create better ensemble sounds if you use at least two different versions for each instrument.

    Great advantage of Westgate is also the trills and runs, which you don\'t find in DDSW.

    In my templates I mix them with DDSW (also great and accurate, but less gritty and breathy than Westgate) and an occasional XSample instrument (soft XS bass clarinet is very cool, the WG has less body, if I recall well).

    If you can\'t afford VSL stuff (performance pack!!!), then this is a must-have and affordable library.


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