I have been using GOS + AO strings, Kurzweil 2600R woodwinds & timpani, and just added
VOTA voices singing in Latin: the text, a setting of the Canticle of Mary, begins in the hushed indrawn breath of the realization that what she feels -- the stirring of a holy baby -- is not indigestion. She recovers fast, and says, \"Ma -- mag -- magnificat anima mea Dominum\" (Literally, \"It \'magnifies\', soul of mine, the Lord\", one of my favorite puns in the Bible, since being great with child is a form of magnification).

Work in progress for chorus and orchestra, and comments on improving the use of the samples and on improving the music very welcome. The text is good for VOTA, since, as in Bach\'s Magnificat, the entire first movement text is the first four words.

Please see http://www.hartenshield.com/magnificat_sample.mp3