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Topic: OT; Studio Woes

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    OT; Studio Woes

    I had a dream.

    A simple hobbyist studio with one beast of a machine dedicated to GS160, driven by another dedicated to Cubase SX, with MIDI interfaces inbetween. Because of the sheer number of sound cards already waiting to go into the Cubase machine (Pulsar, Pulsar SRB, Yamaha SW1000XG and vocal harmoniser daughterboard) the GIGA machine was also to be my surround-mixing machine with another copy of Cubase SX dedicated to just audio mixing, never to be run at the same time as GS160, and an Audiowerk8 card.

    So I saved for a year and a day to buy the first machine. When it arrived it was the most perfect thing ever, booting in a matter of seconds and shrugging off Cubase SX2 as though it were nothing. The Echo Mia MIDI card, which I\'d bought with the machine because it was supposed to be particularly good in conjunction with GS, was fantastic in conjunction with Cubase. So, whilst waiting for my copy of GS160 to arrive, I carefully installed my Audiowerk8 card with the latest drivers, which, Emagic explicitly claim, work under Windows XP, and got ready to try some surround mixing.....
    .....The next time I launched Cubase I got a pop-up window warning me that the samplerate had just changed to 48KHz. Fair enough, I thought; the card does support 48KHz. But then 3 seconds later I got one warning me that the samplerate had just changed to 44.1KHz, followed immediately by one warning that it had changed back to 48KHz. Each time this happened Cubase stopped responding to the mouse, and had to be minimised then maximised before I could do anything at all. I\'ve tried everything possible, in all manner of settings windows and control panels, to stop this happening, but I\'m starting to think it\'s simply a poorly written ASIO driver. In any case it has meant going back to using the Mia MIDI card, because I can never get more than 30 second\'s uninterrupted use with the Audiowerk8.

    But I got used to this idea. I thought I haven\'t really lost anything; I\'ve had the Audiowerk8 for a long time, and it never worked under Windows98 either - quite frankly Emagic can\'t write drivers to save their lives.

    I thought, I\'ll just have to buy a decent surround-mixing card, but in the meantime I still have my absolute beast of a machine, and GS160 to install. So I installed it, loaded up Gigapiano, hit a note on my keyboard, and....nothing. No audio, no MIDI detection, no nothing. I couldn\'t even use the virtual keyboard. After asking here about this one, which turned out to be a very common problem with Echo cards, I decided to try an earlier version of the drivers for my Mia card. Bingo. Problem solved!! Well kind of. I now had audio, but the drivers predated the MIDI version of my card, so still no MIDI support. I asked Echo why the latest GSIF drivers aren\'t compatible with XP and their response was that they should be - that was it; all the support I\'m getting.

    So now I\'m stuck with a system where I can\'t use Gigastudio or Cubase, and the boot time has more than doubled after all my attempts to uninstall and reinstall drivers. I would rebuild the machine but there doesn\'t seem to be much point since there still isn\'t a working set of drivers for either of my cards, so I wold have all the same problems after a rebuild.

    Basically, having paid out a packet to put together a really spartan system, and taking every precaution to avoid conflicts and system clogging, I now have exactly the mess I was hoping to avoid; and it\'s all the fault of poorly written drivers.

    I\'m not really hoping for advice; just a sympathetic ear from similar-minded people who know the frustrations of PC land.


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    Re: OT; Studio Woes

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a Radium midi controller that was not behaving nicely either. I installed it and used it a couple times and everything was working fine. Then, somehow windows \"forgot\" that it was installed. It didn\'t show up in the device manager but it wouldn\'t detect it to install it either. After 4 days of screwing around with it, it somehow fixed itself.

    Hopefully yours fixes itself soon too.

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    Re: OT; Studio Woes

    I\'d bet the drivers are okay, but if you\'ve done much installing and uninstalling of drivers, then Windows is to blame. Windows can only store up to ten MIDI drivers in the registry - and it doesn\'t clean up the previous entries on an uninstall.

    Here\'s a link with the details:

    After you clean up the registry manually, then try upgrading to the latest MIA-MIDI drivers. There\'s a good chance it will work. Giga also has MIDI drivers. You may need to re-install Giga as well.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: OT; Studio Woes

    No, I didn\'t try it quite that many times. And at each uninstall the Echo install program completely removes all previously installed drivers, so my registry only contains two MIDI drivers. Thankyou for trying though.

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