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Topic: What I have been up to . . . .

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    What I have been up to . . . .

    I sort of have disappeared lately.
    Last year I taught one day a week at a brand new charter school about an hour away.
    It is outside of Madison, IN - the town I wrote a commissioned Broadway-style musical for the bicentennial in 2009.
    I had a great year, the kids were wonderful and we did 3 of my musicals.
    But I was not really planning on staying, so I will not return this year.
    So I sort of re-retired from teaching!

    My running obsession has continued and I now am looking towards my first 100-mile ultra next April.
    Lately I have been doing longer and longer mileage trail events - this summer 2 50Ks (31 miles) and last week's ultra was 54 miles. I enjoy it and trust me, I go gently down the trail. Ultras like this are about getting from point A to B and not worrying so much about speed and time (except to make the final cutoffs).

    So now I am beginning to work on songs for a one-man school show called "Celebrate Indiana" for our state's bicentennial in 2016. I will start doing preview shows next spring. I also will continue doing my school presentations about creative writing, reading and composing. They are a lot of fun and pay well.

    I am also getting some other bicentennial curriculum materials ready including posters and banners about Indiana using my photography work.

    So I am not sitting around watching TV, but still being a busy guy and enjoying my family and grandkids.
    I am very blessed.

    MacPro 2.66 - Tiger & Snow Leopard / 16GB RAM / several TB of HD space/ Garritan Libraries / EWQLSO Platinum PLAY / Omnisphere/ Kontakt 2 & 3 / Finale 2010 /DP5/ a VERY patient wife!

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    Re: What I have been up to . . . .

    This is all so great, Charles - Thank you so much for dropping by and giving us an update.

    Sounds like things are really rolling along, as they were when you last visited. Still semi-retired from teaching--but you can't seem to stay away! It's too much fun, sure sounds like.

    The way you're continuing your presentations on creative writing, reading and composing makes me happy to see that at least your area of Indiana is still doing OK for arts funding in the schools. That's quite a contrast to other areas of the country - Like in my own home here in the state capital of Oregon, Salem, I was wanting a school to do a musical I wrote for young people, but none of them could afford it - Not the royalties which I was ready to give away, but they can't afford the extra expense of doing most Any musical. School productions are cut way back, music programs slashed. If a certain group of Congressmen would actually do some work for the country instead of being obsessed with blocking the administration at every turn, the country could get back on track, and enjoy the kind of prosperity you're enjoying there in Indiana.

    You're running, composing up a storm - but what? Not sitting around watching TV?! I sure am, too many great things on nowadays - Well, it's my treat in the evenings anyway, "Game of Thrones, "Mad Men," nothing but the best for our screen.

    Maybe you can squeeze in a wee bit of more Forum time now and then, Charles - We miss you!

    As always, wishing you all the best in all your endeavors!


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