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Topic: Voices of Native America 1 or 2

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    Voices of Native America 1 or 2

    Does anyone have either library and insight on the differences between them? I am looking to purchase one of them, but I don\'t know which. The mp3 demo of the first impressed me more than the second though.


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    Re: Voices of Native America 1 or 2

    We have both. In short, the first volume gives you more individual sounds and the 2nd one gives you more performances/loops. Depending upon how involved you\'re going to get, both are nice to have. We probably get more use out of Vol. 1 due to the wider variety of individual instruments, but your needs may differ from ours. Still, Vol. 1 is probably a good place for you to start.

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    Re: Voices of Native America 1 or 2

    Thank you for the informative reply MD. I think I will go with vona 1 as I suspected.

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