I\', as probably many of you, feel excited to see these affordable and good sounding orchestral libraries which appear in this end of 2003.
I listened to the available demos of GPO and Silver Edition, and I liked them all...
So far, I feel like going for GPO, which seems a little \"warmer\" to my ears... But demos are made by ultra-skilled people (pro or hobbyist), who master the art of writing, and thus are able to make any possible flaw less obvious.
So I\'d like to know from basic-people-like-me, who DID have the opportunity to PERSONNALY play AT LEAST a couple of hours with each of these libraries (in a shop, at a friend\'s, whatever...) what they think of each.
Thanks a lot in advance !
PS : I beg your pardon for the big lettered words in my text, but it\'s just in the hope to avoid \"opinions\" of people who \"just think that\", without any concrete experiment of their own, as it sometimes (often ?) happens on forums.