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Topic: Dorian Toccata

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    Dorian Toccata

    Randy's post about the organ reminded me that I had played a bit of Bach some time ago.

    You might like to listen : This is the organ in GPO

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    Re: Dorian Toccata

    You are a liar!(Just kidding!!!)
    One who can play like this "played some time ago"?
    I know, because if I try to play some Bach which I used to play, my arthritic fingers wrap themselves around each other and I quit.
    Beautiful. thanks for posting, I'll keep this in my "favored " file...


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    Re: Dorian Toccata

    That is excellent, Derek - It's a great rendition, and the recording is a great reminder that those organs in GPO can sound really outstanding.

    Hail to you and Bach!


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