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Topic: Telchac Puerto

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Canada,winter Mexico

    Telchac Puerto

    Just because it was started there, and probably my love of the people in the little mayan village where I stay.
    It is bounced, no high volume distortion, following advise Randy, looking back 4 months for all,



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    Re: Telchac Puerto

    Ted, this is a very nice listen. I like the orchestration. It was not clear to me if this is an original piece or not. Regardless, it put me in a good place after hearing it. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Telchac Puerto

    I was starting to wonder, with some mounting concern, if we'd ever hear more of your wonderful music, Ted. It's a relief to see you posting again!

    Your deep musicality, your natural and seemingly unfettered ability fo communicate your emotions through music, is so vibrantly in evidence here in "Telchac Puerto."

    And what a wonderful thing to draw inspiration from, the Mayan village where you spend half your year. I'm certain I caught the spirit of the place through listening just now. It makes me want to visit!

    You must take a deep bow as I applaud you.

    And you must also pardon me if, in my past responses to technical issues, if I've made the process of producing your music overly complicated, involving protracted periods of time. I'm sure you know I've only tried to be helpful, but if, as a result, you're finding yourself slaving away for too long on your mixes, then I hope we can come with simplifications for you. You indeed have a clean recording here, with no distortion. Now maybe things can be put more back in balance, with you spending less time on these technical things, and more on composing music, which is where your heart is.

    Thank you so much for posting the beautiful music, Ted.


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    Re: Telchac Puerto

    What a gorgeous piece Ted!! Telchac Puerto has an image to live up to now. Is it really as beautiful as this piece depicts? How much does it cost to get there? Question is, I'm I brave enough to take the Pan American hyw to get there? I hate plane travel.

    Your renderings on this kind of music is so top-notch! I can sit back and actually feel the environment you do so well at transcribing to music. I can't remember if you said this was all GPO, but if it is you certainly get the most out of that library. What reverb do you use Ted? It really works on this kind of piece.

    Heck, I think I'll have you orchestrate the whole 2nd movement of my forthcoming piano concerto. I can't beat this!!


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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Canada,winter Mexico

    Re: Telchac Puerto

    Thanks Cass.
    I use Kirk Hunter's Emerald strings (Gigaplayer) and woods and brass of GPO4.
    The reverb is Sonitus from Sonar, and I use three separate instances of it for strings, woods and brass.
    No one can do it for you, least me. My fumbling effort was only to try to show you what I feel about your piece.
    I hope you will do it sometime.
    Of course you can drive to Telchac. From the Mexican border it takes 3 days, of course I am talking about the border around Brownsville or Lorado. If you are serious, let me know, my house will be ( as always) full, but I can get accommodation for you at very reasonable rates. Oh it would be nice to actually hug and talk to you...
    We, (if I am alive) will be there from early December until late May, my daughter lives there now full time.
    Back to work for both of us...


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    Re: Telchac Puerto

    A wonderful airy production. Great emotive music, gives a sense of place. Almost pastoral. Lovely orchestration all the way through as well. A very relaxing post - cheers!

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