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Topic: Captain Beefheart Documentary

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    Captain Beefheart Documentary

    I happened upon this old documentary about Captain Beefheart on YouTube. I use to have a few of his albums years ago but I never attempted to get into Trout Mask Replica which was his most ambitious and weirdest album released in 1969. It took me at least three to four listens lately on YouTube before I got some sort of clarity and it stopped sounding like just mindless tomfoolery. Finding the words and lyrics also helped a lot.

    I just received the 2013 redone/reissue ordered from the BARFKO-SWILL store(Zappa) and it is indeed a much better recording than previous reissues. The double album CD has a picture of him as a young boy on it. I guess he just never grew up.

    But I think the documentary is pretty interesting. Don Van Vliet(the Captain) was a very unique individual to say the least.


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    Re: Captain Beefheart Documentary

    Good find, Phil. I'll admit that I really never paid much if any attention to Beefheart back in the day. I enjoyed Zappa, and maybe I thought that was enough weirdness to be listening to--hehe. This is fascinating. Thanks!


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