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Topic: Opinions on Phantom Horns CDrom

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    Opinions on Phantom Horns CDrom

    Hi Everybody
    Yes, me again. I´m desperate for a usable pop brass library. Does anybody have this title? Could you tell me what its content (loops or multisamples)? How does it sound? The demo at soundsonline.com is so so musically but the sound is very nice.
    Please Help!!!!
    Any other alternatives? I already have QLB, Dan Dean Brass, Roland archives, Brass super section,VR sound saxes and trombones (the closest to the real thing, but too soft for my needs) etc. etc
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
    Jose Pereira

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    Re: Opinions on Phantom Horns CDrom

    Hi Dasher
    Thanks so much for posting!!
    Dasher, could you tell me how many solo instruments it has? I mean as multisamples. Is the trumpets brighter than other libraries? (QLB, for example) Their ranges (extension, actual pitches) are ample enough? There is vibrato and no vibrato samples? Please give me some more input, please!!
    Dasher, I honestly don´t care if it has a 70/80s sound. I was a great sound indeed! I don´t care for the licks/loops, only the multisamples.
    And THANKS SO MUCH for any more info and advice. I really, really apreciate it.
    Jose Pereira
    PS: Anybody else have any comments? Recomendations?
    PSS: PLEASE, excuse my poor english!

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    Re: Opinions on Phantom Horns CDrom

    Jose, these are all no vibrato, tpt, tenor, bari, tpt+tenor, brass (all) Most have falls and doits (reverse falls) kin 2 speeds, cres, and some have sforzando. The timbre is extremely consistent throughout, it sounds like the mixes from Otis, Aretha, those unison horn licks (think \'Knock on Wood\')

    Range I couldn\'t tell you offhand, but it\'s adequate except bari could extend a few notes(easy to do in the editor.)

    The multisamples are one articulation, even but crisp, little or no volume variation, no flanging or flamming. They are a one-trick pony, but it\'s a very good trick!

    Keep in mind, they\'re now $89 at EastWest (less now on sale,) if you think the horns you hear on the demo will work in your music, they will be well worth it.


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    Re: Opinions on Phantom Horns CDrom

    Jose, I just received the Phantom Horns lib. I haven\'t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but here\'s what I have found:

    It\'s an old-school style R&B lib. You may find other contexts it will work in, but the basic mix of horns is a perfect R&B sound.

    The trumpet and tenor, brass ensemble, etc groups are mixed beautifully for that sound (and the balance can\'t be changed, but you can use the solo instruments to do that.)

    The licks are limited, one folder may contain only two or three licks in different keys. But because you have quite playable multisamples, I don\'t find this a problem.

    What\'s missing: the cresendos would be more useful if there were shorter versions. There are sfvs also, but again, they need to come in a wider range of tempos, and not all multi sets have them.

    I would make the comparision between this and Memphis Horns, which I also have: Memphis horns is all licks, (they claim to have multisample solo sets but not on the disk I received) the licks are extensive, very well separated so you can construct parts from the existing pieces easily, and the sound of the horns is more contemporary. Phantom Horns is the perfect 70s/80s horn sound.

    Bottom line-if you\'re doing Eddie (not Pink!) Floyd, Aretha or Marvin, you\'ll love them.



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