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Topic: OT: Critique my website

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    OT: Critique my website

    Is it ok to ask for website critique here?

    If anybody have time to visit my new website (not completely done) and some time to write me some feedback. I appreciate it.

    the link: http://www.honnun.com/composer/

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    Re: OT: Critique my website

    Dear friend,

    It depends on what the purpose with the site is. If its for commercial promotion I suggest you make it alot more business wise. Personally I like LETTERS to support icons. I hate having to use MOUSE-OVER to find out what the actual menu is about. Unless you want people to sorta \"explore\" you website. Which is an rather old idea/concept from the earlier netdays.

    So it could be cool to know a little more about your purpose. If you just wanna have fun and show off your stuff - its fine. If you are more business oriented you need to add alot of stuff. Portfolios, detailed resumé, what fields you are specialized in, what makes you different from others and so on. You could apply a socalled SWOT-analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) to your business concept - if you have problems defining you musical standpoint.

    Anyway - regarding information structure there is not much to say. Since there is almost no information. Its always good with pictures for \"artish\" sites. Doesnt have to be boring. What do you look like? If you an organist - take pictures of the organs. If you are a composer take pics of your gear. You know - make it fun for us to look at.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: OT: Critique my website

    Hi Falcon

    It\'s quite sparse, but what there is of it is very tasteful. Good use of white space and colour. Would be nice to see some images of you. People like to get an insight into the human behind the music. Keep chipping away at it, bit by bit, and good luck!


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    Re: OT: Critique my website

    Hi Lewis,

    it\'s mostly for fun, and of course to share my music with the world. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I was thinking about putting pictures of organs and maybe some handwritten notation sheet (I think that\'s cool, or what?).

    Anyway, I\'ll see if I can improve the site before Christmas. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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