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Topic: Dance of the Desert Spirits

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    Dance of the Desert Spirits

    This is my first serious effort with World Instruments. After much struggling to gain acquaintance with this library, the instruments within it as well as with Aria--also new to me, I have finally brought this strange piece to fruition. I am taking some chances here, so I am not exactly expecting flowers to be placed at my feet.


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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Sean, this is simply wonderful. Any obstacles you may have been encountering while getting up to speed with World and ARIA seem to be be conquered! I especially enjoyed the first half with all the middle eastern flavor, the percussion and exotic winds. There really are some juicy instruments to work with in this Library.

    I hope Richard "Sururick" hears this. He's also a new "World" owner, and I know he'd been inspired to hear what you've done with it.

    THANKS for coming back to the Forum, Sean - I really appreciate that you seem to be sticking around this time.


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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Hey Sean,

    Now I finally get a chance to say how much I enjoyed your music. This has to be the first piece that I've listened to here that I couldn't tell you the name of a single instrument that was being played. I don't have the World Library, but what a collection of fascinating instruments!

    Your intent of mixing the East with the West was carried off nicely. The beginning and ending mantra feeling has a wonderful patina to it with the instruments you chose. What in the heck is that instrument that repeats each note so fast that it sounds like when you're trying to speak as you drive very fast down an incredibly bumpy, pitted road. Love that!

    And you couldn't get more "Western" with a (I think) 4-part fugue, contrapuntal extravaganza as a center piece. I've listened to this 3 times now, just because it excites the imagination and obviously bounds of creativity are at foot.

    Thanks for posting Sean, please bring more our way!!!


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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Thank you, Randy, for your enthusiastic comments on this unusual piece of music. I agree wholeheartedly--this library is a treasure! I am so happy that Gary made my dream a reality.

    Cass, I am pleased to read your words of appreciation. I'm still up in the air as to what I think of it. But that is true for pretty much everything I write. Maybe, over time, it will grow on me.

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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Hello Sean, this is great! I apologize that I have no flowers to place at your feet, but seeing as you were expecting none, I suppose it all works out in the end!

    Fugue is something I always admire hearing. The skill required to perform it always intrigues me, and I cannot fathom writing fugue, so I admire composers that can incorporate it into music successfully. It works surprisingly well with the instruments you have used here!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Thank you very much, Michael!

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    Re: Dance of the Desert Spirits

    Hi Sean,

    This was an interesting listen ... I feel like I've been to a bazaar and back with a few Euro musicians jamming some counterpoint in the middle (East) .

    I enjoyed this; I picked-up "World" myself a few months back but haven't even loaded it yet. Very impressive what you produced right out of the starting gate with it. Those first seven or so "shawm-ey" notes almost sounded like the beginning of the Rocky fanfare! ... but it quickly left Philly for the Mid-East. Your rhythms really sounded authentic; nice job!


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