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Topic: I get to score a movie!

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    Talking I get to score a movie!

    *** NOTE: Not all instruments are Garritan! See below for more. ***

    Hello my friends! OK, it's not Hollywood, but I'm still excited. It's a Disney animated musical-style production called Kuamiko. Here is the first 2 minutes that I've done. Any suggestions for improvement, technically or musically, are greatly appreciated.

    Instruments used:
    From Kore Player (freebie): Music box
    From Sonatina Symphony Orchestra (another freebie): V1, V2, Vla, Vlc, Cb, flutes, mixed choir
    From GPO: Solo Oboe 1, horns overlay f

    Thanks to the Garritan community for letting me know about the freebies shown above! With my budget (or lack of), I am very reliant on such.

    Best wishes to all, and sorry I've not commented for a while on other threads. I will get caught up soon!


    EDIT: I changed the links. Now all currently posted clips of this movie are on my website: http://www.musicbyowen.com/subjects.html

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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Tells us the story on how you got the gig! Congrats! ~Rodney

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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Music sounds wonderful. Apply applied at the right moments. Cartooning is a bit stiff, but that's not your department. Congrats on being selected to score the movie.

    Best of luck,

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    I don't like the animation at all, to be honest - but the music is wonderfully produced, sweet and sounds very professional.

    You did a fantastic job.
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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Thanks Graham, Bill and Rodney for your comments. Glad you think it sounds good! I will answer you all at once, with some information I probably should have already given:

    The movie is a project of my friend, who has zero training in the field and is just working it all out in his living room. So, "getting the gig" was accomplished by no more than offering to do it! Believe me, there was no competition. I am not being paid for it, but am viewing it as a great opportunity to learn about scoring for film, which I hope to be able to do for compensation in the future. (Well, one can dream!) Also, I am starting up a professional website to try and drum up some composing work, so will probably use some of the soundtrack as samples of my work.

    I think the quality of the animation will be a little better - if I understand it right, this was only rendered in draft mode, hence the jerkiness. Nonetheless, it is definitely an amateur project that will probably be seen by no more than 200 people during its lifetime.

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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Fantastic, Owen! Congrats on your scoring gig - What you have so far sounds great, magical, perfect!

    Here's a tip - the horns overly patch isn't actually intended to be used as an instrument. It's, well, an Overlay to parallel a horn track, and bring in more brassiness when needed. On its own, it doesn't sound like a horn, since it's just an effect, an extra layer of sound. Works great to make a copy of the horn track, then erase all volume data, and record sparing bits of volume throughout whenever you want the horn to get bolder and brassier. It sounds fine in this mix, but wanted to pass the tip on since I noticed this patch listed in your lineup.

    Great stuff - Looking forward to hearing more.


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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Well Owen, this has got to be pretty exciting for you. From what you presented, I thought that your music was very appropriately placed and the intro was light and pleasant to listen to. Great job on this. Jay

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    !Re: I get to score a movie!

    Thanks for the tip, Randy. I will try it out and see how it sounds.

    Any more tips and suggestions from anyone else greatly appreciated! I am here to learn!

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    Re: I get to score a movie!

    Jay: Thanks for the feedback. I tried to make the intro pleasant to listen to, since the initial titles are quite long. The project owner wanted to really set the mood of the story well.

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    Re: I get to score a movie!


    First off, a big congratulations on the scoring job. It's really exciting to work along with someone else in the art field, regardless if it's for movies, books, games, animation. The sharing of ideas can be quite exhilarating at times and makes you "think" in a whole different way about your compositional process.

    I love what you have done thus far, the intro especially was right on for this. I'm amazed at the quality of sound your getting from these samples. Just another proof that you don't have to spend thousands to get quality results.

    I hope you get to post more as you go along. I can't hear anything on the music score that sounds "wrong" or problematic to me. Excellent!


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