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Topic: Cool Ride

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    Cool Ride

    This song uses JABB horns and a couple of GM sounds. Please give it a listen.
    Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: Cool Ride

    Yup! makes my day Jay. I never get to be first to reply to your (or any other member's ) post, so yippie...I feel somehow complete today. And also I get to hear so more incredible smooth jazz from someone I really admire.

    I don't know anyone who can make GM sounds, sound authentically real, but somehow you've done just that. I'm really impressed at that because I struggled with that sound set for years with absolutely dismal results.

    I'm curious Jay what you have playing with the bass at around 1:48, that sharp plucking sound. Really like the mix/rendering at that point. Also have a question on your cymbals. Occasionally I hear a cymbal on the opposite side of the stage. (first one about :45 sec). I personally like this and like the percussion spread out but I didn't know if you did this on purpose or a glitch snuck in and panned it over. I'm hoping it was your intent, because as I said, I like it.

    Okay, back for another listen. Again, made my day!


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    Re: Cool Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...Please give it a listen...
    Always ready and very willing to pull up a chair and listen to your stuff, Jay. This is great as always! Wonderful sound to the mix, and rich, smart voicing. I love it. Thanks!


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    Re: Cool Ride

    Hey Cass! Thanks for the listen. I am glad that you liked my song. The plucking sound that you are referring to is the GM mute guitar. I think that it has a decent percussive sound and I use now and then. The cymbal anomaly is an over site on my part. I missed the pan on those hits. Oh well!

    Randy! Thanks for pulling up a chair and taking time to listen to this. I know that a lot of my smooth jazz stuff tends to be a little commercial, but this piece, to me reeks of commercialism. That is to say that it contains more common smooth jazz sounding "HOOKS" in it. It was not intentional. It just worked out that way.

    Anyway, thanks to you both for commenting. Jay

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    Re: Cool Ride

    Ah, a nice reflective piece to listen to on a rainy day in Cleveland. Fits the mood wonderfully. Smooth/cool jazz is always a favorite of mine. It works great. Nice mix! Now for that screaming trumpet part that I need to work up for this. Brass motto "Louder, Higher, Faster"

    Thanks for sharing! Made my morning cool!

    Best regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Cool Ride

    Thanks Bill! I think the flugal horn player on this "busted" his spleen on the high notes, but it was worth it to get something "louder, faster, and HIGHER". Thanks for the listen. Jay

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    Re: Cool Ride

    Some time ago you wrote to me that you may make a jazz-liker out of me. It seems you are not quitting this effort, with your cool ride you got me a good step closer.
    Great sound, great arrangement...


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    Re: Cool Ride

    Its always nice to hear from you Ted. Thanks for the kind words on this. I am glad you are getting to like jazz more.

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    Re: Cool Ride

    There's that cool Jazzy-Jay sound! Ever consider sending your tracks in for music licensing? There is a market for this laid back jazz, and at this level of quality you're bound to get some return on your investment.
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    Re: Cool Ride

    Thanks Graham! I am not exactly familiar with 'music licensing'. If you read my response, maybe you could elaborate a little on this. Thanks. Jay

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