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Topic: BFD?

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    Has anyone used fxpansion\'s drum rompler -BFD-yet? If so, how does it compare to things like Drums From Hell?

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    Re: BFD?

    I haven\'t used it myself but I\'ve heard another\'s work with it. I\'ve been a fan of the Drumkit from Hell so far but this one also sounds great. I may have to purchase this as well depending on the price.

    One downside is that it requires 9 GB of space to install. This seems like a bit much to me for a drumkit. I know nothing like the 35GB in DFH Superior but that is just ridiculous.

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    Re: BFD?

    \"I know nothing like the 35GB in DFH Superior but that is just ridiculous.\"

    I think it is hilarious, AND incredible. I\'ll probably get DKFH Superior when it comes out. There are alot of things that drum libraries simply have not covered yet.

    I plan on sampling a friend\'s hi-hat soon, and have done the math already. It will require 1,200 samples or so, for the hi-hat ALONE! I plan on doing everything in 16 layers, with left/right hand. I have sampled his ride cymbal already, and it came out darned fine for my first sampling attempt.

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    Re: BFD?

    I\'ve had BFD for about a week or so. I really am enjoying it. I\'ve done a review for K-v-R which you can read here:


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    Re: BFD?

    Hey all,

    The reason BFD is 9GB is that it\'s seven drumkits not just one; all the samples are multi-mic\'ed (direct, overhead, room, pzm) and many of the drum hits have 40+ velocity layers.

    The current price on BFD is Eu. 279 / $329.

    Best regards,

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