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Topic: LOP full sample list?

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    LOP full sample list?

    Could someone please post (or private message) a list of all the instruments included on the LOP set? Thanks!

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    Re: LOP full sample list?

    OK, here goes:

    Castanets Epstein Ebony
    Castanets Epstein Rosewood
    Chimes (Tubular Bells) Deagan Rawhide
    Chimes Deagan Soft
    Chimes Musser Rawhide
    Chimes Musser Soft
    Chimes Musser Xylo Mallet
    Concert Bass Drum Ludwig 18x40
    Concert Bass Drum Yamaha 16x38
    Crash Cymbals Sabian 18\" Germanic
    Crash Cymbals Sabian 18\" Viennese
    Crash Cymbals Sabian 21\" French
    Crash Cymbals Zildjian 16\" K\'s
    Crash Cymbals Zildjian 17\" Viennese
    Crash Cymbals Zildjian 19\" Classic Orchestral
    Crash Cymbals Zildjian 20\" Germanic
    Crotales Aluminium
    Crotales Plastic
    Finger Cymbals Thick
    Finger Cymbals Thin
    Glock Deagan Aluminium
    Glock Deagan Brass
    Glock Deagan Bright
    Glock Deagan Glisses
    Glock Fall Creek Brass
    Glock Fall Creek Glisses
    Glock Fall Creek Hard Plastic
    Glock Fall Creek Medium Plastic
    Glock Fall Creek Medium Rubber
    Gong 21\" Paiste
    Gong 28\" Zildjian
    Gong 40\" Sabian
    Latin Accessories
    Ludwig Concert Toms
    Ratchet, Claves, Stick Clicks
    Snare Drum Black Beauty 4x14
    Snare Drum Gladstone 7x14
    Snare Drum Ludwig Field Drum 10x14
    Snare Drum Ludwig HH 6x14
    Snare Drum \'off\' Pearl Solid Maple 5x14
    Snare Drum Radio King 5x14
    Snare Drum Section
    Snare Drum Septimbre 6x14
    Slap Stick and Sleigh Bells
    Slide Whistle, Vibraslap
    Sus Cymbal 14\" Zildjian K Custom Dark
    Sus Cymbal 16\" Constantinople
    Sus Cymbal 17\" Paiste Signature
    Sus Cymbal 18\" Constantinople
    Sus Cymbal 18\" Zildjian K Custom Dark
    Sus Cymbal 20\" Constantinople
    Tambourine German Silver
    Tambourine Grover Bronze
    Tambourine Nickel single row
    Tambourine silver bronze combo
    Tambourine Vaughancraft Secco
    Temple Block Hard
    Temple Block Soft
    Thunder Sheet Large
    Thunder Sheet Medium
    Timpani Adams General
    Timpani Adams Hard
    Timpani Walter Lights General
    Triangle Abel 4\"
    Triangle Abel 6\"
    Triangle Grover 6\"
    Triangle Grover 9\"
    Wood block Vaughncraft Cherry
    Wood block Vaughncraft Hard Maple
    Wood block Vaughcraft Mahogany
    Wood block Vaughncraft Walnut
    Wood block Vaughncraft Walnut piccolo
    Wind chimes LP double row
    Wind chimes LP single row
    Wind chimes Treeworks medium
    Wind chimes Treeworks small
    Xylophone Adams Blues
    Xylophone Adams Hard
    Xylophone Deagan Blues
    Xylophone Deagan Bright
    Xylophone Deagan Heavy
    Xylophone Deagan Medium Rubber

    timpani have hits / 3 stroke / rolls / muffled.

    A good tip is to combine various groups of instruments in giga editor, switchable via mod wheel, e.g. triangles, finger cymbals, chimes etc.

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    Re: LOP full sample list?


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