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Topic: Need advice

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    Need advice


    SoundsOnline offers a nice promotion

    I have Prosonus Library which is fine.

    But I need more woodwinds (Solo, Ensemble) and more brass (Solo, Ensemble)

    and... my family name is not Rockfeller [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Is Advanced Orchestra a good placement ? I heard lot of positive things about it.

    And something itching me. Do we need the updated advanced to replace out of tune samples or are .art files available somewhere?



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    Re: Need advice

    Hi Serge
    I have had the AO for a long time and I don\'t
    use it much - Some of the woods are ok, but the
    flute is annoying , so is the piccolo which does\'nt even have sustained notes ( only stacc.)
    As for the the brass? nah - sounds like they where recorded in a tiny cardbox - The horn ensemble can be usefull at times though.
    One of the strong points about AO is supposed to be the inclusion af runs, trills etc, but I find
    it hard to match them with the sustained samples
    in a melodic line.

    Maybe you should check out:

    BOB - for solo brass
    SAM - for ensemble Horns and trumpets(free)
    XSample - for solo woods.

    I don\'t think wood ensembles is necessary.

    Or if you can afford it - wait for VSL
    Woods and Brass ( 850 Eur ) - that\'s what I\'m
    heading for [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Need advice

    Thank you Bjarne

    but too late AO is already ordered.

    Mainly because the offer was very interesting.

    Also, I wanted a not too heavy demanding library on cpu and memory.

    I read very good comments about AO. It is one of the most used library in the world.

    My wallet could not afford to pay more. But BOB, Sam Horns and DDSW light are on my list for next year...


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    Re: Need advice

    You can do some pretty cool things with AO.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks Sharmy,

    Have you heard about .art files that could improve the library ?

    And 2 things sounds buggy to my ears:

    According to Dave Stewart (http://www.sospubs.co.uk/sos/jan00/h...rchestral1.htm) \"The 3 flutes sustained (f & p) programs are badly out of tune\" and \"this sould be corrected in the Advanced Orchestra Upgrade \'97 disc set\". Could we rather correct this problem using the Giga editor?

    The tuning is set to A = 443 instead of A = 440. Again is this possible to tweak the tuning to 440 without unpleasant results. Because My Prosonus library contains samples I will use again.

    I pray to not have done an error. The best wish is that the combination of those 2 libraries will lead to nice experiments sounds.

    Tonight I am 12 years old waiting for sample Klaus...


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    Re: Need advice

    Originally posted by Serge:

    But I need more woodwinds (Solo, Ensemble) and more brass (Solo, Ensemble)

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Check out our library, Bigga Orchestral Brass at Bigga Giggas. Link below. You can also go to Worra\'s Place where you can find some free stuff!

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    Re: Need advice


    I found a thread where Thomas J. explained a bit how to embellish AO with tweaking. It also comfort me to read that he has a good vibe about AO.

    And Worra yes BOB is on my wish list. I suggest you to listen to \"La Péri\" from Paul Dukas. I suspect him to have created this piece expressively for BOB !


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