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Topic: New demos for Symphonic Strings MINI

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    New demos for Symphonic Strings MINI

    After many requests, we finally have some MP3 demos that use the Symphonic Strings MINI, very graciously provided to us by composer Simon Ravn. Thanks once again, Simon.

    Endless Days


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    Re: New demos for Symphonic Strings MINI

    Thanks David. I found the MINI version really great. Not as comprehensive as the full version of course, but still a library that can work perfectly well on its own. In \"Train Pursuit\" there is a bit of sloppyness in the second part with the staccatos \"naked\", but you\'ll get the picture. The staccato->marcato patches are really nice!

    The woodwinds used in \"Endless Days\" are all from the Westgate Woodwinds library btw!

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    Re: New demos for Symphonic Strings MINI

    These are great. This makes it more clear that the SISS strings, even in MINI format just sound the best to me.
    Wonderful compositions Simon. Really lovely.

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    Re: New demos for Symphonic Strings MINI

    Once again Simon shows us that not only is a very good composer, but one of the very best virtual orchestrators. Very nice job Simon, particularly with \"Train...\". You newbies out there should study Simon\'s technique. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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