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Topic: Giga Boxes

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    Giga Boxes

    I\'m going to add some additional Giga studio set-ups (too many new orchestral libraries coming out)
    The cheaper they are the more I get.
    That said I don\'t want them to suck...
    Sound card wise I don\'t need multiple outs.
    Any one want to give me a run down of a cost effective computer? With items that work best in giga systems etc...

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    Re: Giga Boxes

    Thats such a big question. Im currently preparing for a gigastudio studio. I have learned this. To be SURE - keep your motherboards with Intel Chipsets. It MIGHT work with others - but you are pretty sure going with Intel CHIPSETS and Processors. Somebody will tell its overkill going for 2ghz+, but if you wanna be ready for the future - go for 1.8-2.0ghz or more. Personally I am aiming for 2.5ghz puters. Rest of the specs are easy. Get GOOD hdd 8 mb cache. I use the seagate barracudas which are rather slow - but dont make noises. I love them - no problems with them on my behalf. In addition the natural 1 gig ram, nothing more, nothing less. Soundcard - Delta/M-audio ALL the way. Best driver support. Best bang for the bugs. If you are NOT interesting in outputs I would REALLY recommend their Delta 44/66. Superb cards.

    Love - Chris

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