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Topic: Authentic Virtual Instruments

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    Authentic Virtual Instruments


    it just occured to me that all the instrument sampling have been of the modern orchestra
    has anyone sampled the older instruments like 18th century violins and flutes to get closer to a historically authentic sound


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    Re: Authentic Virtual Instruments



    Look at the instruments page...

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    Re: Authentic Virtual Instruments


    actually you misunderstood me

    for example their are Orchestras that actually play instuments of the period which are very different to modern instruments for eg The Orchestra of The Age of Enlightment and many others for eg Mozart and Beethoven played a forte piano nothing like a modern piano

    so i am refering to the trend in musical scholarship that tries to recreate the actual sound and performance of the particular period

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    Re: Authentic Virtual Instruments

    ...that\'s a cool idea

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    Re: Authentic Virtual Instruments

    No doubt that the sound of the older flutes is way different than modern ones. They sound like recorders to me.

    But what really cooks my noodle is that the brass players of the day had no valves! All they had were tuning pipes and harmonics. And the composers had to write for big intervals at the low end, with the players trying to coax out the small intervals at the top end.

    Could you imagine Louis or Dizzy having to play without valves?!? Too sad!

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