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Topic: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

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    OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    We all spend a lot of money and time acquiring gear. Sometimes, even with our best research, we buy gear that sucks, or don\'t work as advertised.

    Can you give examples of gear/software you wish you haven\'t bought and why?

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    Digitech Vocalist - should I really explain why I wish I hadn\'t bought it? The real question is WHY DID I buy it?

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    It seems that every wah-wah pedal I bought in the \'70s and \'80s broke within a week. Those sucked. Dang little nylon plastic gears!

    My first real guitar was an Ovation Deacon (solid body electric). I was thirteen. It was way better than the JC Penny guitars I had played up until that time, but I really should have pushed for a tele or strat. At 21 I finally got a Les Paul Custom. Problem solved :-) The Ovation was solid, but it really missed the mark musically.

    I also got a Korg guitar synth. It was a real piece o\' crap. The tracking was terrible.

    The funny thing is that when I sold the Ovation and Korg on ebay a couple years ago, I got a better return on my investment from them than I got from other much more usable equipment. Go figure.

    To be fair to the Ovation, I put a lot of miles on that guitar. I don\'t miss it a whit though.

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions


    About a year ago I spent $380.00 on EBay for a Mac 7100. But it came with Pro Tools 2.5!!!! I don\'t know what the hell I was thinking. It got shipped out. I opened it all up, connected it together and turned it on.... (WUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR). It Works!

    I disconnected it, packed it back up and stuck it in my closet where it\'s sat ever since.

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    ProSamples Vol.13 Choirs. Read the reviews, saw the cheap $50 price tag, bought it, and am utterly dissapointed. Very few mappings, and the sound was a big let-down. Not very usable for me. I got fooled by the demo.

    So I splurged on Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices, and I personally feel the SOV is a better investment. I\'ve never regretted spending for the SOV.

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    Thanks Owel! What a great opportunity to vent!

    I bought a new Dell computer to use with an Echoaudio Mia audio card and Gigastudio160.

    I have NEVER been able to get GS to work with it.
    And Tascam is of absolutely no help. So it is basically a big email machine and internet browser while I continue to use my old computer for music.


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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    I\'d be rich if I had 5¢ of every dollar I\'ve spent on drives that are next to useless today. $650 for a 30MB (not GB) CMS hard drive in 1985; $1100 for a 1.7GB Micropolis 2217AV that failed after they were gone; $900 in Syquest SyJets and cartridges; $125 for a USB floppy drive I haven\'t used for over two years; $150 for a Zip drive; $350 for a 1X SCSI CD burner that doesn\'t work anymore; and that\'s just off the top of my head.

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    Tascam TM-D1000 digi mixer, the most convoluted and unintuitive operating system I\'ve ever seen, giving me very little practical use after a year of trying to understand it. And the worst-written manual EVER (including Roland).

    Fortunately it got stolen when our house was burgled and I got the price I paid for it back on insurance!

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    Well I\'ve already vented about this one recently, but I\'m so annoyed that I\'m gonna again. I just bought a brand new machine with a Mia MIDI card to dedicate to GS160. I spent ages trying to determine which card would be best, and decided to buy one especially, even though I could have just used one of the four cards from my old machine, because I thought, given their age, that they might not have great GSIF drivers under XP. Well it turns out that, despite being the most recent card, Mia MIDI has the worst drivers, and both Echo and Tascam have useless support, so the card is now a very expensive paperweight. I\'m about to swap to a Delta 410. Hope I\'m not making another mistake.

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    Re: OT: Bad Gear Decisions

    Moog Source - most gruesome monosynth ever. My mini had packed in and I needed a replacement for a gig so, without having heard or used it it, I bought a Source second hand after being told that it sounded like its older brother. Not only was it pretty flimsy in sound and casing but it had single parameter access so realtime performance twiddling was a no-no. I hated it [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] !!!

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