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Topic: Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

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    Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

    Thanks to all who commented on my first posting of music for the movie Kuamiko, and special thanks to those that offered suggestions.

    I have posted the next two scenes to my website. (It never gets old saying that! I never realized it would be so much fun to have my own website.) You can hear the new additions here: http://www.musicbyowen.com/subjects.html

    I have been trying to work on a more realistic strident brassy sound. I am now actually using the overlays to overlay! I can be taught. (Other brass patches are Sam sections - trumpet, horns, tuba.)

    As previously mentioned, some patches are from Sonatina Symphony Orchestra, with the music box from Kore Player. Everything else is GPO.

    Best wishes to all!
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    Re: Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

    Applause, Owen! Oh man these are sounding just great - Excellent productions. This has become like a cliffhanger, seeing it in short chapters - Can't wait to tune in again next time!


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    Re: Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

    Hello Owen! I really enjoyed these! That brass really provides a nice dark sound - you do a really good job of setting a dramatic tone here. Though I know nothing about the movie, I can at least gather its mood in these short clips.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

    Hi Owen,

    I think your scoring of the clips is well done and professional. I too will be following this animation as it unfolds. Great work.

    Your website looks good. I listened to the music you have up and just wanted to say how much I like "Gentle Embrace". It is a beautiful piece of music.

    All the best with your endeavors!

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: Next two minutes from the movie I'm scoring

    Randy: Thanks for the applause! Glad you like. Hmmm, waiting for the next installment? Reminds me of a certain Dorian! Of course, my installments are much shorter. Next up: Theme for the other main character. Client wants "Chinese violin with Sense and Sensibility piano". Methinks I need a translator.

    Glad the mood came over well. I guess it's a good test to be able to determine the mood without hearing the story! "Dark" is definitely the thing - like some of the modern superhero movies where they explain the terrible events that led to them becoming superheroes.

    yjoh: Thanks for listening and the compliments! I am really pleased with Gentle Embrace, and can't wait to get the time to finish it off! It is going to be full orchestral backing. (My wife prefers Morning Mists, but I am with you on this one.) I will be posting G.E. here when it is finished.

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    My website: www.tunespace.net

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