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Topic: Glockenspiel

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    Where can I find good Glockenspiel sample?

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    Re: Glockenspiel

    For f playing, EWQLSO. For \"Elfman\", Ultimate Orchestral Percussion or London Orch. Percussion. VSL has a lot of different ones too.

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    Re: Glockenspiel

    There\'s a pretty good one that comes with Kompakt. Kompakt\'s included library makes it one of the best buys going right now.

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    Re: Glockenspiel

    Try Garritan.com. He has just posted individual instrument demos of GPO which include a decent Glockenspiel. If you like the Glock you can end up with a free sketch pad too! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Whilst you\'re there may I, courteously, suggest that you spare a minute to listen to \'Northern Callings\' by \'Anonymous\'

    Pretty Good Huh?

    Only trying to help.


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    Re: Glockenspiel

    Hi Hardy,

    it seems to me that GPO is a must have.

    I must agree that \"Northern Callings\" is a very good piece in it\'s simplicity, wow that bass-clarinet. I like it, very romantic.

    Thanks for your help, all of you.

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    Re: Glockenspiel

    Don\'t forget Tobias has given you a free one. G-Town Toy Glockenspiel. Never forget.

    Alex Cremers

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