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Topic: BachG

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    If you like, I apologize posting this.
    10 years ago, I attempted to do this, and just found it, as it was, raw, only MIDI.
    Doing it again was a pleasant experience for me, realizing again how incredibly great JSB was.
    Using KH Emerald for Gigastudio, and now playing it with GigaPlayer, I tried to emphasize the 2nd violin and the viola, to savor the genius at work. Everyone knows the 1st violin and the base lines.
    So, listen only if you love JSB and interested in his ( in this piece) simple counterpoint bravura.



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    Re: BachG

    Hello Ted!

    I see no need for apology, this is a nice listen! I'm glad you enjoyed discovering and repackaging this for us to hear. I have to emphasize how perfect this piece of music matches the weather today in Indiana. Remarkably cool for a July afternoon at right around 70 F (21.1 C), with a steady, refreshing breeze. The match is perfect.

    Your rendering sounds a bit breathy for my taste, but perhaps that is intended, and I don't feel it takes away much from the piece. Though, I would have preferred a bit more distinction on the pizzicato in the lower register.

    Really, though, I greatly enjoyed this listen on such a lovely afternoon. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: BachG

    Quote Originally Posted by tedvanya View Post
    ...I tried to emphasize the 2nd violin and the viola...
    Ah yes, it's wonderful to have the counterpoint inner voices emphasized like this so we can appreciate them all over again along with you. Isn't that simply sublime work in the 2nd violin and viola? Indeed. Maybe you could also make a companion recording with the bass back up to its intended level, and with the inner voices back to the supporting roles they originally had, as a way of having both the piece as written, and your special version focusing on the harmonies. That could be a fun project.

    This is great. Thank you very much, Ted.


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    Re: BachG

    Hi Ted,

    Enjoyed the listen. Nice idea to feature the inner voices; turns it into a whole different piece.

    Thanks for posting it,


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    Re: BachG


    I really liked what you did here. As you stated, deemphasizing the outer lines and heightening the inner ones. I never really listened to the counterpoint of these inner lines because the melody is so darn alluring. So it was a treat for me to really listen to what Bach was doing here to accentuate the melody. Thanks for the insight.

    Good job!


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    Re: BachG

    Hi Ted,

    this piece must become an example in counterpoint classes. Great!!


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