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Topic: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

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    Re: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    www.bycvision.com makes the ones E-W uses, but they also make less expensive Giga machines. They\'re not $4k, but they\'re not $400 either. I think their quiet DAW machines start in the $1700 range?

    Anyway, it\'s worth talking to them whether or not you decide to buy one of their machines. They\'re very knowledgeable, and they do a lot of testing.

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    Re: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    The Carillon Pentium 4 PC as offered by Sweetwater appears to be really nice as well for these applications:

    Rackmount 3.06GHz Pentium4 with 1GB DDRAM and 40GB + 120GB Hard Drives and CD-RW with Low Noise Carillon Core Assembly - $2599.97

    Whisper-quiet operation. Carillon computer systems use several design conventions to ensure ultra-quiet and ultra-cool operation:

    The sound insulation properties of the thick steel and aluminum case substantially reduce transmitted noise from internal components.

    The rigidity of the chassis combined with the use of secure bolt fastenings make for a highly vibration-damped structure, effectively eliminates rattles and buzzes \'in sympathy\' with fans, drives and the music you\'re monitoring.

    Every metal part of the Carillon chassis is isolated from its surroundings through the use of materials such as Sorbothane™, resulting in little or no transmitted vibration between the CPU and your rack or desktop. Sorbothane is often used to isolate scientific instruments and audiophile equipment from vibration.

    Carillon\'s Molex Silent Systems™ foam lined sleeve/hard drive enclosure reduces hard drive noise by over 90%. The UltraMute Carillon PSU combines special low hum transformers with an all-new fan, featuring substantially smoother fan-motor bearings and a reduced turbulence fan blade design.

    The processor fan incorporates a radical 360% radial fin heat sink. This patented design provides far greater surface area than conventional heat sinks for increased heat dissipation with a reduced airflow requirement, resulting in a fan system that\'s virtually silent since it doesn\'t need to work as hard to cool the chassis interior.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">4 rackspace height. (I don\'t work for these guys, just passing along the info.)

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    Re: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    A different less expensive approach:

    I purchased an ISO RAXX isolation cabinet for about $800. It is great for killing computer noise. I put 4 $30 rack shelves in it. Then you can just put (4) normal PC\'s on their side - one on each shelf. I built my Giga machines for about $500 each and they work fine. It\'s very quiet and much less expensive than rack-mount PC\'s.

    Just an idea....

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    Re: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    The latest Hush PC should be able to host Gigastudio 160 no problems. It may not have the latest processor (1Ghz)and it is quite costly but they are as near to completely silent as an empty metal box.

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    Re: A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    Whisper-quiet operation. Carillon computer systems use several design conventions to ensure ultra-quiet and ultra-cool operation.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Mine was never whisper-quiet.

    Alex Cremers

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    A good, quiet, rackmount pc?

    Hey guys -

    Can anyone point me to some good, quiet, rackmount pc\'s I can use in a home studio for more giga and/or qlso voices? I don\'t want to spend 4 grand for the thing, however! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Another option is building my own pc out of really quiet parts, if you guys have any info on suppliers of those!



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