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Topic: Help Opening SISS File

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    Help Opening SISS File

    I just received the MINI version of Symphonic Strings. The problem I\'m having is that I can\'t open the .exe files for each cd. I tried copying the 1st Violins over to my hard-drive and opening it with the latest version of Stuffit, but that didn\'t work. What should I be using?

    I\'m on a Mac G5 + OS 10.3 (Panther).

    PS: I posted on the SI Forum, but it\'s not very active, and I want to use the strings this weekend...

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    I\'m not sure if this will help but there are 2 things I\'ve done in this case. I\'m on a Mac with 10.2.8.
    I had some trouble with files with the .exe that are usually .rar files and changing the extension from .exe to .rar worked for me in a couple of cases. After the change Stuff-it Expander could open it.
    Sometimes though the only thing that worked is opening them on a PC. I have one in my office that I keep around for just such an emergency. It\'s a dog for anything else. If you have a friend with a PC you could open them and then burn the results to CD to return home. Are they the ESX24 files or GIGA?
    Sorry I can\'t be of more help. I love the sound of the SISS strings and will be in this same predicament someday.

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Thanks Jamie, but changing the suffix didn\'t help. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Any other mac users with SISS here?

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Have you tried it under OS 9? I had a similar problem last week and it would only open under the OS 9 version of Stuff it Expander. (Classic OS 9 worked)
    Just a thought.

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Here is another thought...if you have File Type 1.01 or later open the .exe file and see what the resource fork is. It\'s probably blank. I\'ve had this happen with GIGA files and have to change the resource fork to the correct one using a good GIGA file as a guide. It may be that the .exe should read as a .zip on the resource fork. Good luck. Wish I could help further.

    File Type can be found here...

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Maybe the .exe file isn\'t a compressed file archive (.rar or anything else) but an installer program which would only run on PC? I would try it on PC if possible, then you\'ll make sure what you\'ve actually got.

    Just my 2 c....

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Palm, you may be right. I had the same thing happen with my first SAM purchase. I\'ll wait for the official response from SI, but I just might have to go over to a PC buddy.

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    ... but I just might have to go over to a PC buddy.

    Hi Ned
    your wellcome any time (only 8 hours flight...)
    exe Archives on PC are often self extracting winzip files (archive with integrated expander)
    Since I know nothing about MAC, I made a small search and found:
    ZipIt now allows you to create self-extracting archives. These files can be decompressed on a Macintosh or on a PC simply by double-clicking. There is no need for the person receiving the file to own ZipIt!
    Since this is shareware, maybe you can try it..
    Good luck

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    Thanks fmfgs, but Zipit, the latest version, didn\'t work either. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help Opening SISS File

    ... bump...

    anyone else?

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