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Topic: Spectrasonics Stylus RMX 1.95 Installation confusion.

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    Spectrasonics Stylus RMX 1.95 Installation confusion.

    I would totally appreciate any help with this installation problem, Im Basicly baffled I have had a break away from music for 18 months and bought a new laptop/c7 etc. I am now trying to reinstall Stylus RMX. Being a user who checks for updates, i have found the new downloads and downloaded them (vers 1.95). I have successfully installed the RMX vst and challenge code etc so that is fine, But here comes the confusion; What on earth do i do next? There is no clear instructions about how to install the upgrade, Rmx vsti inside cubase is asking for a sage folder, but i have clicked on every possible folder and it will not accept any of them. Sage data installer wants the initial sage folder that rmx has made to install it there, yet again i have tried every conceivable folder and nothing works, Absolutely awfull. This is a great vst i know that, Spectrasonis are probably the best imo, But their installation guides, especially when the product is older with updates etc is just confusing. Can anybody help me step by step to get this thing running. Like i say the RMX VST is runing on cubase fine but with no folders/sounds added, i just need to install the sound banks/sage into the vst...PLEASE I BEG

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    Re: Spectrasonics Stylus RMX 1.95 Installation confusion.

    My own question is why are you posting this here, rather than contacting Spectrasonics tech support....as they've asked people to do in the past? These types of problems are the very types of things their tech support is meant to handle. Why not give it a try?
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    Re: Spectrasonics Stylus RMX 1.95 Installation confusion.

    Thanks for the reply. I imagine many people who have technical issues such as this would try the forums first? If i appear odd in trying to seek forum support before contacting the U.S.A Spectrasonics support number which will cost me additional money then odd i must be.

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