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Topic: midi problems with aria player

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    Question midi problems with aria player

    I cannot use my midi keyboard with my aria player in a live situation. sounds play on upstroke of keys and sustain isn't right either. Should I be able to use the aria player this way?

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    Re: midi problems with aria player

    Hi, Markmu - wow--this still isn't working for you? I know you posted your first question about this 2 months ago in the technical forum, and then last month here, but still no input besides me bringing up the polarity question.

    Most people here are using keyboard controllers in a home studio environment, so someone performing live and with a synth keyboard instead of a controller is a bit rare. That's the main reason you haven't had helpful feedback.

    Once again I downloaded the Alesis Qs6.1 manual to see if I could spot anything that could help - didn't find anything.

    Online I saw a Qs user posting his review of the keyboard back in 2008. He mentions that there is release velocity, and in parenthesis he explained "controllable modulation source on key release." Hmmm. I wonder if this has anything to do with what you're experiencing?

    You do understand that Garritan instruments have their volume controlled with CC1 (Mod Wheel) or CC11 (Expression Pedal)? Those are both interchangeable, but there Has to be some data flow from one of those controllers or there won't be any sound. So I'm theorizing, feebly probably, that maybe you're not using any volume data, but you're hearing the key release modulation that user talked about which is causing the sound to be triggered?

    I am sure you've gone through the manual thoroughly--Have you also gone to the Alesis Forum where there could quite possibly be other musicians who have had similar live performance problems?

    All I know is that in theory Yes, you should be able to use the ARIA in stand-alone mode live. I know from experience that if a standard, non-synth, actual MIDI controller is used, it works perfectly.


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    Re: midi problems with aria player

    Hi Markmu,

    The problem almost certainly lies with the interface between the QS6 and PC.

    If you've used a cheap MIDI to USB interface to connect, it's likely it's faulty.
    I don't know how many times I've seen people write that as soon as they bought a halfway decent MIDI/USB interface all these problems, including sending SysEx messages, went away.

    Look for an interface that comes with its own MIDI drivers from a known quality provider.
    The generic drivers are designed, at best, for hobbyists.
    Many people also suffer MIDI latency and jitter problems with them.

    I use both a Yamaha AN1x synth and a small Edirol PCR-M30 controller via my E-MU 1616m audio/MIDI interface, and they work as intended, including sending fairly large AN1x memory dumps back and forth.
    I use them for practising my keyboard skills with e.g. the Garritan Steinway as well as via Aria.

    Hope that's of some help?
    Author of MIDI tutorials at http://midi-tutor.proboards.com/index.cgi

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    Re: midi problems with aria player

    Excellent advice, SysEx - I think you have the problem figured out.

    Quote Originally Posted by SysExJohn View Post
    ...The problem almost certainly lies with the interface between the QS6 and PC.

    If you've used a cheap MIDI to USB interface to connect, it's likely it's faulty...
    Of course. There are many reasons to use an Audio/MIDI interface, and properly connecting up a synth to a computer is one of them. This advice is like something I ran into last night at the Sweetwater Forum when I was trying to find info. This was the reply to someone having problems using this exact same keyboard in a live situation. This person replying has a slightly different set up, using the sound module version, the QSR, but I think the advice still holds:

    "...There's one important thing I can share based on my own experience with setting up and configuring my QSR -- the tone module: It was crucial to have MIDI In and MIDI Out from the QSR to the computer. The one cable serial interface going into my Mac and MOTU software just didn't seem to cut it, so Sweetwater's Brian Loney advised me to get a MIDI interface with enough INs and OUTs for me to connect the module (and my controller keyboard, a Korg i4s). This allows the Q's multimtimbral setup to work properly. (I got the MOTU Pocket Express (Mac/PC) with 2 INs and 4 OUTS.) Voila!..."

    Markmu - Does all this address your situation? Are you using something less than an actual, dedicated interface to hook up your Alesis?


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