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Topic: altiverb 2

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    altiverb 2

    Hi everybody
    Does anyone use the altiverb 2 with giga\'s
    orchestral configuration. This plug-in ( only for Mac), seems to be impressive. I\'d like to have user\'s opinion. Thanks.

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    Re: altiverb 2

    Hi DID,
    since they came out with the VST version of altiverb, it has become my favourite plug, not only in classical giga-context. The main advantage compared to acoustic mirror and the other pc convolution tools is: it\'s realtime! And they have an incredible library of IRs, which is constantly updated. And of course you can use all those great IRs from GOS, echochamber.ch and beamsonic... They have a demo version at audioease.com. If you\'re on a G4, it\'s a no-brainer, imho.
    Regards, Sönke

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    Re: altiverb 2

    Download the demo. You\'re in for a shock.

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    Re: altiverb 2

    Hi Paul

    I asked them couple of weeks ago. They are working on it but don\'t have a release date yet.

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    Re: altiverb 2

    So the VST version should work on a PC?

    Thank you.

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    Re: altiverb 2

    hi paul,
    who cares? switching makes no sense before those bring out their au version:

    -ua for uad1
    -tc for pc

    forgot anything?

    oh yes - i love this g-media mellotron as well as amplitube and sampletank and how would life be without delay lama???

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    Re: altiverb 2

    hi jeannot,
    no. altiverb needs altivec.

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    Re: altiverb 2

    In fact, it is further having listen to the demo of the altiverb 2 that I asked for the opinion of users ( the beep is very disturbing...). Your answers confirm my first impression ! Thanks to all .

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    Re: altiverb 2

    I recall a thread from sometime ago where it was suggested that it might be possible to use IRs for Altiverb in Acoustic Mirror. Aside from the legal issues possibly involved in this, is it technically possible? If so, how is it done, and is there any loss in quality to be expected?

    And yes, I /am/ looking for an excuse to buy a Mac. Does Altiverb have any real advantages over Acoustic Mirror in terms of sound quality? (To me the realtime aspect is less of a concern.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: altiverb 2

    Err yeah Altiverb\'s incredible. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Do a search on the forum (particularly the GOS forum) and you\'ll find everyone excessively raving about it.

    Altiverb + GOS impulse = eternal happiness.

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