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Topic: Can Giga samples use aftertouch?

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    Can Giga samples use aftertouch?

    I was just wondering if this is possible. So far I haven\'t noticed any samples that use aftertouch.. which is a shame, because it would be really useful. There are so many times I wish I could xfade a sample w/ the modwheel to vary the dynamics.. and use key aftertouch to increase the vibrato. This would be really good for something like VOTA, where it would be nice to slowly fade in the choir from p to f, and then add vibrato towards the end.

    Just a thought.. maybe I\'m off my rocker and it\'s been possible all along. I just haven\'t noticed any such thing.

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    Re: Can Giga samples use aftertouch?

    The only problem is that what you describes would require an x-fade in an x-fade - something that AFAIK isn\'t possible in GigaStudio. You\'d need to x-fade between two different patches using two MIDI channels or something to achieve that effect. Unless you just want LFO vibrato.

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    Re: Can Giga samples use aftertouch?

    well actually in a round about way you could do this.

    Use MIDI CC controllers to control the mixer in giga (either DSP mixer or Effects send/return), to do volume control, and the \"standard\" dimension Xfade for the vibrato/expressive control.

    With VOT, I dont think its needed. Just attenuate the \"non-vib\" dimension a bit, since it sounds more Pianissimo anyway it would work pretty closeto what you\'re looking for. Even adding a filter control can help as well

    So anyway...to answer your Q, yes Aftertouch can be used.

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    Re: Can Giga samples use aftertouch?

    Is there a way that this could be adapted to create an affettuoso vibrato for a clavichord sampler such as the Xsample Vol. 7?

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