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Topic: Metal Guitar Samples

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    Metal Guitar Samples

    I recently started a project with a friend who\'s a guitar player. The project is going to be like big and fat (what else) guitar riffs, ready to use right out of the box so to speak. The reference is Slipknot, Pantera, Ill Nino kind of metal music and the idea is to use them for computer music or scores.. or what ever. If you\'d like to do music such the Resident Evil score, The One or Unreal 2003 this could help you a bit, hopefully. This is just a test and I\'ve made very rough sketches to put the samples in just to get an idea of how it works. The final produkt should be ready to use \'guitar walls\' in wav/acid/rex format.. check it out and tell me what you think


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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    Jezzzz. It sounds cool. Deep, sinister, cynical, not sure what words to put on it. But its almost a bit too muddy - I distortions might overkill the chords here - but maybe thats what you want. Will this be another G-Town release or a stand-alone-we-have-to-pay-library?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    I will make better demos soon.. and if people like this we will start to record it properly. Right now its just tests recorded with a POD. Its not gonna be free.. but im not sure how to charge for it.. I like this online thing but unfortunately all people dont have fast internet connections.

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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    I think it would be great. You should pay in mind that Virtual Guitarist covers some of these areas. But these really hardcore guitar sounds are not avaible today. So that could be so damn great. Really. If you are gonna do it - pay MUCH attention to RIFF\'s. Make it possible for people to create their OWN riffs - make it dynamical - the worst thing would be a static library with RIFF\'s you just had to play along to - and by all means - make this library! Its a smash-hit - I promise.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    ...plus you will be Goddess Nr. 77 [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    Hey T0B,

    I agree with Chris, but...
    ... so far these patches RAWK! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    Guys scoring tv action series will LOVE to have sampled powerful rifs like these. Think of Sean Callery\'s \"24\" scores or Giacchino\'s \"Alias\"!


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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    You have really nailed that sound Tob...

    Tell me was it a 7 string or just droped tuning on a 6 string?


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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    Oh...and any chance of posting POD patches that you used?

    Really like the sound.


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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    Nobody could ever obtain Goddess status 77. Its not like there is a Harem of Goddesses. Sorry to disappoint you. My best guess would be that there are around 10 gods and 10 goddesses. To rephrase:

    God 1 = Spectrum
    God 2 = Nick Phoenix
    Demi-god 1 = Maarten Spruijt
    Demi-god 2 = Tob

    Godtool 1 = Gigastudio 3.0
    Godtool 2 = Hanz Zimmer Pc Farm

    Wanna-be-god = Simon
    Wanna-be-goddess = Joan Collins

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Metal Guitar Samples

    not too bad Tob ......

    a few suggestions ..... sounds as though you doubled the guitars ... good! alot of the modern and classic sound is greatly reliant on quadruple tracked guitars .... bands like metallica are known to even track the rhythm guitars 6 times! yes close attention must be payed to panning and switching up guitars/amps so u dont run into phase problems.

    which pod are you using ? i suggest u use the XT .... it is a more \'true\' amp sim than the 2.0 -- it sounds MUCH more like the modeled amps mic\'ed in an environment.

    also ..... i highly suggest running the guitars through a BBE Sonic Maximizer ..... the BBE is NOT an aural exciter ...... what it does is more of a correct algorithm ..... its some heavy physics .... but to put it simply ... it cleans up the mud!! but just use a LITTLE bit of it .... and do not forget ..... use some GOOD mic pre\'s!!!!!

    good luck to you! i was going to do the same ... but figured i did not have enough time to dedicate to the project.


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