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Topic: Spectrasonics Backbeat-inquiry

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    Spectrasonics Backbeat-inquiry

    Anyone using this? I\'m always needing fresh drum grooves, mainly pop/rock and country. Is this library geared toward these genres? There seems to be a generous assortment of loops, plus the groove control looks interesting.

    Any comments appreciated!

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    Re: Spectrasonics Backbeat-inquiry


    As you know, we all have strong opinions about drum loop libraries, and as I always say, everyone has a right to my opinion!

    Seriously though, Backbeat is excellent. It has, by far, the most \"personality\" to it than any of the other libraries I own. And what I mean by that is they went to great lengths to get the sound of the studio on tape as well as the kits themselves, and it really shows.

    If you haven\'t used groove control before, you really ought to. It\'s great for the obvious, like changing tempos and grooves, but you can even change placements of kicks, add accent snare hits, etc, even replace sounds. Sorry if you already knew that.

    Anyhow, Backbeat gets a thumbs up from me. No, it won\'t be the \"be-all, end-all\" library, but none of them are, or can be expected to be.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Backbeat-inquiry

    Thanks Jaimo..that\'s the kind if info/opinion I had hoped to get. What styles of music do you think it favors? Is it versatile? Does it cover a lot of bases?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Spectrasonics Backbeat-inquiry


    I agree that Backbeat is excellent. There are several drummers and kits so you will find variation in the loop sets. It is primarily rock and pop. There are also some shuffles, so blues rock would work. As for country, it might work for rock influenced country but most loop sets lack simple sidestick patterns.

    I have used Backbeat more than any other drum loop disk that I have bought, and believe me, I have bought too many.

    For funky stuff Retro Funk is awesome for acoustic drum loops; it has groove control as well.

    Fred Grittner

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