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Topic: One more VOTA Utility Suggestion

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    One more VOTA Utility Suggestion


    Have you considered adding a \"Bypass\" mode to the Utility? What I think would be very useful would be a Bypass menu option or toolbar button that simply passes all midi data directly to the respective Giga ports. This would be a great way to temporarily bypass the Utility if you\'re playing/recording some other non-choir parts with closing the Utility.

    Instead of having to save all your votox, close the Utility, change the midi-input in the Gigastudio hardware settings page (possibly crashing Giga), play the other parts, reload the Utility, reload the votox - you could simply hit the Bypass button, while leaving all your votox phrases, settings, etc. all up and running still in the Utility. The goal being to leave the Utility running all the time, even if in a transparent bypass mode.

    Again HUGE THANKS for this Utility!!

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    Re: One more VOTA Utility Suggestion

    Good sugestion...Done...

    Thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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