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Topic: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

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    Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    often I try to learn from great pieces of music by transcribing them. And often it happens that I can\'t figure out the harmony of some part because it plays to fast.
    Is there some way to slow down the whole piece without loosing the pitch? Or some way to pause at any point with the latest sound still sounding - just like when a video can be stopped at any point and the last picture keeps staying on the screen.
    Any ideas are aprreciated.
    I thought of creating a loop with soundforge with a tiny intervall around the harmony I want to trace.
    But maybe/hopefully there is something easier.

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    ACID would do it, and also Waves SoundShifter. ACID would potentially be more conducive to your application, I think, since you could loop sections and quickly move around.

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    Digital Performer, any version, will do that. It also has looping. But the longer you time stretch a segment, the more corrupt it sounds. I do the same thing you do, and have gotten some mileage out of time stretching.


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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    The Amazing Slow Downer here...
    does it great on the Mac. There is a PC equivilant but it\'s on my office PC and I won\'t be able to check till tomorrow sometime.
    Ableton Live would do it as well and it is for PC and Mac.

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    If you want to change the pitch or duration of a mix for real - i.e. not just temporarily for transciption - then Serrato Pitch\'nTime and Wave Mechanics (now Sound Toys) Speed are just astounding.

    Different algorithms have different advantages, though. The above two don\'t do formant shifting, so vox sound funny if you stretch them too far.

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    Thanks everyone for the helpful input.
    Nick: are those utilities you mentioned only available for protools?

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    Or you could take large doses of speed...it won\'t literally slow the music down, but you will perceive it as such...
    -Jack Handey

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    I wish I had a Mac, I wish I had a Mac.
    Is there anything like that Amazing slow downer for PC?

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    Amazing Slow Downer also comes in a PC version. With a P3 600 I can\'t run it at the highest sound quality setting, but I can use it at the same time I\'m playing in Giga. There\'s a free demo available.

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    Re: Slow down audio without loosing pitch

    A second recommendation for Amazing Slow Downer. This app was designed for exactly what you want to do and when I use it to transcribe I never have to think about the app, just the music.

    Also, it works in real time, no rendering required.

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