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Topic: Anyone working on disk streaming with VSTIs?

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    Anyone working on disk streaming with VSTIs?

    Is it possible to create a VSTI that uses disk streaming? Since VST is an open standard, I\'m wondering what people are planning for the future.(Obviously, I\'m thinking along the lines of a huge piano available as a VSTI.)

    Does Steinberg\'s The Grand do this? (I\'ve read reports that you need a lot of RAM to use it.)

    I see that BigFish Audio is saying that a UVI Plug-in version of the Prosonus Grand Piano is on the way. Can be loaded in either a Mac or Windows sequencer that supports VSTI: http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/pgpn1.html?L+scstore+sxie0108+1039368237

    Are other developers thinking along these lines?
    Micheil Post? Kip at Bardstown?

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    Re: Anyone working on disk streaming with VSTIs?

    I don\'t really know what you\'re asking. HALion is a VSTi with streaming so obviously its possible. I\'m pretty sure the Grand streams as well as it is based on the HALion engine and is really too large to load up into RAM. Horrible piano sound though.

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    Re: Anyone working on disk streaming with VSTIs?

    I guess that was hard to follow--I\'m just wondering if anyone is developing a 2 gigabyte VSTI piano. (Allowing realtime tweaking as a midi file plays, like other VSTI\'s).

    Micheal Post? Kip at Bardstown? Franky?

    (Not that we\'re short of great pianos. Just wondering about the VSTI possibilities.)

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