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Topic: Trilogy Release Samples

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    Trilogy Release Samples

    Anyone know how to kill the release samples in Trilogy. I tried turning down the R faders in Amp Env, but am still getting some sound on release. Thanks...

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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    On the left hand side of Trilogy are 2 mixer faders \"A\" and \"B\". I believe all the release samples are on the \"B\" layer, so you should be able to tame them by pulling the B fader down.

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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    I gave that a shot and there seem to be release samples on both A and B. I\'m using the Modern Slap Sustain ff - if it makes a difference. Thanks.

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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    Nope....just turn off the B layer at the Mixer on the upper left.

    Release noises are always on the B layer.


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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    The B layer is off, and I still get this pop upon release. I also forgot to mention that this only happens when holding the sustain pedal (I\'m trying to simulate sustained slap hits thus the use of the sustain pedal). When I don\'t use the sustain pedal, there are no release noises. Thanks...

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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    Ahhh....my guess is that you are playing the staccato samples? Those obviously have the real fret noise in the samples...

    Or perhaps it\'s a filter release thing?

    Would really help to know your system and what patch you are using. Using a sustain pedal for slap bass is a bit unusual, so I\'m trying to imagine how you are using it.


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    Re: Trilogy Release Samples

    It\'s just a v-stack pc running trilogy. I\'m using a patch called \"Modern Slap Sustain ff\" - trying to simulate a sustained slap (not really sure what you call it - it\'s when the bass player hammers the string with his thumb and just lets it ring without muting it between hits). I\'m controlling this pc from another box running Sonar. Thanks for your help.

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