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Topic: Just a thought

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    Just a thought

    I don\'t know about you, but I\'m getting myself all excited about the possibility of a Giga-Wrapper in the early part of next year. Mainly because I made a ghastly mistake, and bought a machine with 2 SATA drives, which means I now can\'t fit a third drive, so the idea of offline mixdown is amazingly appealing.

    But then I had a thought. With most VST plug-ins it\'s perfectly feasible to open several instances. Now what if it were possible to load several instances of wrapped-Gigastudio. OK clearly you wouldn\'t get them to run simultaneously. But imagine if you could load one instance for all your strings, one for your brass, one for percussion, etc, etc, and keep all but one instance frozen. Then you could lay down all your string parts, mix them down to audio, freeze that instance and lay down your brass parts. If it turns out that you need to alter your string parts later, it\'s not a problem because the MIDI tracks are still there, and the string-instance of GS just needs to be unfrozen, rather than removing all your brass samples and reloading the strings. I realise that we\'ll probably be able to load performances in the same way we would a preset for any other VSTi, but the idea of the whole orchestra being saved in the song-file is just appealing.

    Anyway, thought over now, I\'ll just go back to listening to THAT performance of Star Wars...

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    Re: Just a thought

    >> \"bought a machine with 2 SATA drives, which means I now can\'t fit a third drive\"

    How about a Firewire of USB-2 drive? It would be external, but would be something useful until Giga-wrapper or some other solution becomes available.

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