The lastest beta of VSampler (version 3b3)supports Giga Import. However, this is the first beta to feature this ability, so it\'s still buggy: sometimes crashes and sometimes freezes and sometimes brings in wrong settings. So it may be several months before SpeedSoft has it working right.

However, once it does, and since there is a beta testing program and bug reports system that the developers closely monitor and act upon, it will, this program will give us an interesting set of features, such as an integrated Editor, the ability to easily manipulate individual samples with a large graphic display, an always present, active virtual keyboard beneath the sones view, and internal access to vst effects for giga sounds. (It\'s both a standalone and a VSTI.) I doubt that it will be anything like a replacement for Giga, which will proabably add similar features and more, but still, it will give us more ways to use giga files.