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Topic: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

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    OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    Ok, first of all, my NEW system consists of a P4 2.6 ghz with 1 gig of ram, WIN XP and an echo mia midi soundcard.

    Now, the problem: When I try to work in SONAR, the cpu shows about 10% usage. But, after only around a minute of sequencing/playing my keyboard, the cpu usage JUMPS out of NOWHERE to 100%. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] Then, the audio stops working all together, and I have to restart the computer. What in the !!!! is going on?!! Has anyone else had this sort of problem? ANY help is appreciated!!

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!


    i used to encounter weird things like that in version 2-2

    for example the windows task manager would show 100% but in sonar it would show 10% or something

    so what are the exact details and which gauge are you using and what plugins etc

    i probably cant help you but maybe someone else can


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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    Well, I\'m using the Edirol Orchestral Dxi, and live synth pro for my soundfonts. Everything works fine in the piano roll and playback, BUT when I try to use my keyboard and use chords etc. SONAR, after a short while, suddenly shows 100% CPU usage and audio stops working. EVEN out of SONAR! [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    Could this be a problem with my new midi cable?

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!


    What you are describing is completely normal with Sonar. It\'s the meter in Sonar you need to be concerned with. Sonar will take all available resources as long as there is nothing else that is running (not recommended to do that anyway). So it shows 100% in the Windows Task Manager all the time. If something else needs resources, then Sonar gives up whatever is needed. This is a totally different situation than what Greatzed described.

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!


    It does not sound like the problem is with Sonar, but with something in your machine. I doubt it is the cable, but anything is possible. Do you have another one to try?

    Do you have the latest driver from Echo for the Mia Midi?

    Are you using any plug-ins in your project? What you are describing sounds like the P4 denormalization problem. It occurs when you use a plug-in on a track that has silence on it. The cure is to put a plug-in before the one with the denormal problem that introduces a small amount of noise. Try turning off the plugs one by one and see if the problem goes away. If/when it does, you\'ve found the problem child.

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    Hi Greatzed,

    Sorry to hear of the CPU usage problem. If right click My Computer>Properties are you on SP1 or SP1a? Possibly trying SP1a is a long shot, but maybe worth a try.

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    Greatzed, what midi interface are you using? Perhaps there is a weird midi loop happening that drives the CPU nuts.

    It might be worth uninstalling and re-installing your midi interface or better yet, try and update the drivers.

    Also, I think it is midi ox that lets you analyze what is happening through your midi chain, that might reveal something weird going on. http://www.midiox.com/

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    Have you checked the reverb flag into livesynth?
    If yes turn it off, because it overloads the cpu (it\'s a bug of livesynth).

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    I have a similar problem with Cubase SL and the Echo Mia. I am running 2 instances of EWQL Silver and get 40% VST Performance when the system is sitting idle. Start playing the tracks and the performance level jumps to around 60-70%. Is this normal? My Xphrase really sucks up alot of CPU as well but this is apparently due to denomalization problems. I was hoping to fit most of the Silver soundset onto my machine. (Probably 3-4 instances of Kompakt. 2.6 ghz, 1.5 gigs of ram, blah, blah, blah)


    PS What should the buffer size be in the Mia settings? 256? 512? ??? What about Cubase SL?

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    Re: OT: Help! CPU 100% in Sonar!

    I\'m not using any sort of plugins except for Edirol Orchestra DXI and LiveSynth (w/o reverb). This wouldn\'t cause problems, would it? The drivers on my mia card are not the newest ones. They\'re the ones before it. I even tried re-installing the drivers for mia. I\'ve got a Korg M1 for my slave, and the midi cable goes out from there directly into the soundcard.

    Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. I will try ALL of them!!

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