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Topic: rare instruments akai

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    rare instruments akai

    can anyone give me a brief review of rare instruments in the akai version...(vs the more expensive giga version)...I will be converting it to Kontakt, Sampletank and NNXT for different purposes and can live without keyswitching (or can I?)

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    Re: rare instruments akai

    I only have the Giga version but I cant imagine using QLRI without key-switching. Some instruments like the Duduk, also use mod-wheel control to add more air to the sample.

    Personally, I\'d try and go for the Giga version, even if it doesnt translate perfectly into Kontakt now, it is bound to do so soon.

    Or if you are handy with the editor of your chosen sampler app perhaps you can bring in the different articulations and assign a keyswitch to it?

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    Re: rare instruments akai

    I was asking this myself for conversion to Kontakt. But never got a reply. I hope doug or nick sees this. Please. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I am under the impression kontakt converted MW and keyswitching?

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