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Topic: Giga Samples on a Budget

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    Giga Samples on a Budget

    Hello all,

    I\'m fairly new to Giga and I\'m just wondering what your opinions are regarding orchestral Giga samples on a budget. Realism and expressiveness are my primary concerns.

    Btw, this forum rocks.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Giga Samples on a Budget

    Hi Ben.

    We at Bigga Giggas, have always tried to produce good value samples, you can check out our products at our webpage, (link below).
    If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact me at per@biggagiggas.com

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    Re: Giga Samples on a Budget

    If you don\'t know which Bigga Giga instrument to go for, I\'d vote for the solo trumpet, Ben. I like it a lot in different contexts. It has a nice firm attack which makes it really playable and still not completely flat. I made some demos for Worra, that use the trumpet. You can listen to those if you like.


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    Re: Giga Samples on a Budget

    Daedalus!? I don\'t suppose you\'re an old fasttracker scener?

    Re: orchestral libraries you\'d be well adviced to wait. There are some splendid libraries coming out very soon!

    If you can\'t wait then I suggest you at least pick up SAM horns (you can\'t go wrong with those) and either GOS or SI for strings. Also worth looking into is Dan Deans Brass Ensemble set.
    But again, do yourself a favor and wait a few months. If you\'re on a tight budget then AO is always my recommendation. It\'s cheap and delivers. It may not be expressive but at least it\'s got just about everything you need to sequence basic orchestral music.


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    Re: Giga Samples on a Budget

    I\'ll check out Bigga Giggas for sure. I actually just bought the Sams Horns.

    Hehehe. That\'s right Thomas I was pretty heavy into fasttracker for a long time. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I just got tired of the quality of samples that were available to me for fasttracker. By the sounds of some of the GigaDemos I\'ve been hearing, I\'ve got alot to look forward to using Giga.

    Thanks for the advice,

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