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Topic: Question for Maarten Spruijt.

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    Question for Maarten Spruijt.

    I love you demos on your page, the epic one is really great. Anyways I was wondering what you use for your reverb, it sounds like the reverb used in most movies.

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    Re: Question for Maarten Spruijt.

    \"Used in movies\"? Hehe...

    It\'s a Lexicon MPX500 you hear in most demos.
    So not the most expensive Hollyverb around. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    When you have a decent verb, I think it\'s more about *how* you use it. Nice sets of wet/dry ratios within one mix and such.

    Thanks for asking,


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    Re: Question for Maarten Spruijt.

    Thanks for the reply, I am messing with the NFX verb in GS as we speak.

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