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Topic: Sample gathering... the saga continues

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues

    I see you want to work in the great tradition of James Horner: ripping [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Of course, doing what you want to do would be illegal - and I dont think you can find many recordings which would be appropriate for anything but maybe a little percussion. Usually you\'ll also get reverb \'spill\' from the previous note to the next in e.g. a flute solo.

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues

    Really ripping samples from a real orchestra would be illegal? Hmm, I don\'t mean any melodies or anything I mean single notes ( I don\'t rip melodies as in the tradition of james horner lol).

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues


    You should know by now that when you ask something that involves a grey area of the law it generally gets the \"by the book\" treatment.

    Nonetheless if it\'s for your own personal use, the sky\'s the limit.

    I know that there are some classical CD\'s that feature solo performances, those would probably be your best bet.

    Go crate diggin\' at your local used CD store to see if you can locate titles of that sort.

    Another option that might give you better results would be to contact your local college\'s music dept and see if you can go out and record some of their players. I know that it gets into a much different field that just ripping audio from a CD, but I bet it\'d be much more fun and would teach you a lot more about the art of sampling!

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues

    Adam: Yes it would be illegal, at least if you want to publish any music that you used the ripped material in.

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues

    Yeah I would take the latter route, but I lack the audio equipment to do this and I am not much in the way of spare money. But thanks for your comments, perhaps I will simply listen to some classical pieces and use my patches to try and imitate the sound.

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    Sample gathering... the saga continues

    I am looking for some good classical mp3s or wavs (of real orchestras) that have exposed solo instruments so I can rip samples and build an instrument. Any ideas of what pieces are good for this?

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    Re: Sample gathering... the saga continues

    Things are not as bad as they may seem for you: This soundfont is by no means comparable to the 1K libraries that are often discussed in this forum, but if you need indivudual notes with a decent sound to get your feet wet, try it:


    It\'s $25 US and SonicImplants has a sale through this forum (see the Sonic Implants forum) that will give you another 20% off. (Notice that the percussion instruments cost extra, but you can accumate them over time.)

    Listen to the demos, particularly the string quartet demo and see what you think. (I\'m assuming that you know how to use a soundfont. If not, you can find some free soundfont players by searchng with Google.)

    Let us know what you think and have a good time.

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