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Topic: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

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    Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Well, it has been while since I have last posted something here. My composing had slowed down for a bit. I have been putting a lot of focus on my game projects for the last while. However, here is the newest arrangement to Tara's Theme, another for the memories of her. I have been working on this carefully for the last couple of weeks and just finished it today August 6th 2013. I do create a lot of compositions for her, but that is why I began composing... to keep the memories of her flowing through me. She will always be an angel to me.

    Her melody is played many times throughout the composition, mostly by the piano.

    Libraries Used:

    - Sampletekk (Black Grand Piano)

    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Lush 1st Violins, Lush 2nd Violins, Lush Violas, Lush Cellos, Lush Basses, Solo Cello 2, Solo Flute)

    - Garritan Instant Orchestra (Full Choir, Harp)

    - Giovanni Girls Choir LE (Phrases)

    - EWQLSO Silver Edition (MAGICAL Mark Tree!!!! AKA Various Metals Patch)

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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Richard, I'm really glad to see you're still working on music even though I know the game is taking most of your time. This new incarnation of "Tara's Theme" is indeed better than ever. Your first posts were of really nice music, and I dare say you've been developing rapidly ever since. This is divine. You deserve to be very pleased with it.


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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Thank you Randy for the kind feedback. I have to admit... you have been a pretty good teacher in helping me improve my compositions including the encouragement to place the dynamics into midi composing. Spending as much time on a composition is very worth the time than rushing them, as I once used to do.



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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)


    This is superb!!! It's one of those pieces of music that you relax, close your eyes and drift into another world of gentle passion and timeless memories of those we loved and cherished. I was quite taken by this rendition of Tara's theme and words will never do it justice. I'm glad I've heard your other compositions using Tara's theme before, because when you're already familiar with a theme like this one, you can concentrate and appreciate the accompaniment which surrounds and supports it .

    I especially love the center part where the flute and piano trade off with snippets of the theme, blending together while be encompassed by the lush counterpoint of the accompaniment.

    I have to ask you, after looking over your instrumentation/libraries, what in the heck is a "Magical Mark Tree""? That one has left me stupefied. (which is not that hard to do to me really. lol)

    At any rate, this is simply a beautiful, beautiful work Richard. Loved every second of it.!!!!


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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Thanks Cass for the kind words. I get that feel when I listen to it and while I was composing it. Just drifting off into memories of her. I am glad you enjoyed the different instruments playing her theme, it was something new I implemented into this arrangement, I usually only stuck with one instrument per composition.

    Heheh! The magical mark tree is actually a patch called Various Metals in EWQLSO percussion instruments. I called it the magical mark tree because up until about two months ago for few years ever since I purchased EWQLSO Silver, I had no idea what this instrument was lol. So I just called it the magical metal thing up until Randy told me it was a Mark Tree HAHAH! LOL, I loved thsi instrument so much, it brought that magical touch into my music, but I just didn't know what it was lol. I just decided to call it the Magical Mark Tree... stilll leaves me with memories of the magical metals *I updated the name of the patch in the first topic to show the patch name.

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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Wonderful piece yet again, Richard. The sound and deep and full, pulling everything from the Garritan samples you can - the production shows this quality all the way through.

    Minor niggle - I know you love that mark tree, but I think it's overused. I think it could be lowered in the mix because it keeps drawing attention to itself and overriding every phrase it overlaps. See if you can find a bell tree instrument that will allow you to create your own glissandi and reduce the repeated feel.
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    Re: Tara's Theme (Forever My Angel)

    Thanks for the listen! Yeah, I can always go for some improvements on percussion. One of my biggest weaknesses in composing is how to properly use percussion, usually I just don't put any in at all! Thanks for the tip with the mark tree I will have to play around with that. Would you recommend placing a bell like instrument at exactly the transition before or slightly after?



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