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Topic: GPO4 and ARIA issues - Please help

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    GPO4 and ARIA issues - Please help

    I'm running Windows 8 with GPO4 and Finale 2010. I'll be writing music, saving my files, loading instruments to staves, etc. all the usual stuff. It will be working fine for lengthy periods of time. However, randomly, when I open my finale file to work on a piece/project, I get a message that my banks in the ARIA player are missing, all the preset instruments I previously saved have been wiped out. Thank goodness the scores remain intact.

    Does anyone know what is going on with this? I contacted Makemusic and they have suggested to just uninstall/reinstall which doesn't fix the problem in the long term.

    Any input would be great! Thanks.

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    Re: GPO4 and ARIA issues - Please help

    Good heavens! That's quite a problem, dharmapaws. Sorry to hear you're having this technical difficulty.

    Please do this - Use the Forum jump menu to go to Garritan General Discussion. That's where all the members go nowadays. This sub-Forum you've posted in has cobwebs growing on it, there's so little traffic. There are a lot of Finale users who will be able to help you out if you re-post the question over there in that main Forum.


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