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Topic: Conexant GM midi files

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    Conexant GM midi files

    Is there a place where I can find GM MIDI files for conexant GM 500?

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    Re: Conexant GM midi files

    speking of which...isn\'t it about time someone came up with a new (better) Gigastudio \"GM2 Midi\" set.

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    Re: Conexant GM midi files

    You\'re right. Thinking that this 500 Mb GM Set would blast away the fake sounding wavetable GM daughterboards, it really is a disappointment. I don\'t even hear much difference compared to for example the Roland Souncanvas DB-55 of about 10 years ago, which only used a couple of MB ROM for the sounds. Of course the GM500 is better, but certainly not astonishing better.
    I thought it would certainly end all these fake sounding GM players, having very realistic sounds. But as I said, it still doesn\'t have very realistic sounds to my opinion.

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